Airborne Opiate Possible Suspect in Ohio Prison Poisoning of 24 People

The war on drugs has had less than mixed success over the three decades-plus since it was initiated, and we are constantly becoming aware of new and dangerous threats to society that can be snorted, shot up, or smoked.

It goes without question that our nation has a thirst for opiates.  These chemicals were used as a weapon in the far east during the early days of westernization, where they were unleashed in order to zombify a populace in order to make economic exploitation that much easier.  These powerful pain killers not only dull the senses immensely, but also foster an addiction rate that can be equaled by almost no other substance on the planet when abused.

As opiate-based super-drug fentanyl makes the rounds of the black market, the ultra-potent narcotic is now being suspected as the culprit in a terrifying incident at an Ohio prison.

The majority of those exposed to an unknown substance at Ross Correctional Institution Wednesday morning are expected to be treated and released.

Details on how the exposure occurred is “sketchy” thus far, said OCSEA union president Chris Mabe, but there have been reports of some people “getting deathly sick” and some “passing out.”

At least 19 people were taken to Adena Regional Medical Center where CEO Jeff Graham said the primary complaint has been nausea.

“The majority will be treated and released. At this time, we have one person being admitted,” Graham said during a noon news conference.

The Ohio Highway Patrol has reported 24 people were taken to the hospital including at least 15 correction officers, five nurses, and one inmate as of 10:30 a.m.

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While the investigation is still ongoing, the sickness and symptoms seem to indicate that fentanyl or another high-powered opiate was likely to blame.


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