North Korea

Air China Cancels All Flights to Pyongyang, North Korean Conflict Imminent


North Korea has been able to count on their Chinese allies to the north for some time, but it seems that their latest nonsense has sent even Beijing packing.

Kim Jong Un and his ridiculous antics have put the entirety of Asia on high alert, as Japanese warships and Chinese troops move in to the area in anticipation of military action against the hermit kingdom.  The leadership in Pyongyang has been continually poking and prodding at the United States in recent months, with what appears to be an imminent nuclear test on the horizon as well – an action that will surely provoke a response from the free world that North Korea is surrounded by.

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Now, in anticipation of the coming conflict, Japan is looking to evacuate all of their citizen from South Korea, (a locale that Kim could possibly strike in retaliation for action by China or the United States), and China has sent back North Korean coal shipments due to new sanctions against the secretive nation.

China has also taken another step in isolating Kim.

The Wall Street Journal reported that all flights on China’s flagship carrier China Airlines between Beijing and the North Korean capital of Pyongyang have been temporarily suspended.

“A booking operator for Air China said that notice of the flight suspensions was issued Friday and that flights between the two cities probably wouldn’t resume before the end of May.

“Regular flights between Beijing and Pyongyang began in 2008 and typically occur three times per week, though flights have been cancelled previously for various reasons.

“It is worth noting that while Air China is the only Chinese carrier to service direct flights between the mainland and the peninsula, North Korea’s state-run Air Koryo operates direct flights to several Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang and the border city of Dandong.”

With North Korea set to celebrate the “Day of The Sun” on Saturday, in which military might is often displayed, many believe that Kim will use the opportunity to test a nuclear weapon, due in part to satellite imagery similarities between previous tests and preparations being observed at testing sites.

The detonation of a nuclear weapon by North Korea will certainly act as a catalyst to the United States in their actions against Kim Jong Un, and not as a deterrent; something Pyongyang likely believes.


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