Bill Clinton

“AGAINST THEIR WILL” – Someone Really Should Get Bubba A Muzzle

In this new, post-#MeToo world, the way in which Americans speak to one another has certainly changed, as it has for generations past, and the generations before that, and so on and so forth throughout history.

The new standards of civilized behavior change with the generations just as naturally as the clothing trends or baby names do.  It’s a process that we cannot avoid or hope to stall, and adaptation is really the only choice.  When it comes to things such as human rights, women’s rights, and slavery, some of these changes should probably have come much sooner, but better late than never…?

One of the strangest figures in pop culture today, in regard to the political impasses within the #MeToo movement, is Bill Clinton, former President and husband to 2016 democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.  Bill Clinton has a long and sordid history of sexual assault himself – something that has been largely guarded by the mainstream media darlings who protect the Clinton Cabal at all costs.

Anyone else on the planet would likely have the common sense to take this media bias as a blessing and simply avoid any mention of the issues at hand, but, for some inexplicable reason, Bill Clinton just cannot seem to do that.

At times such as this, I almost wish it were Clinton at a loss of words instead of myself.

The ease of which Bill Clinton could navigate these conversations is incredible, yet he refuses to play it safe, weighing in on any number of issues that he himself could easily be accused of.  Why on earth has no one in the democratic party muzzled him?

Perhaps it is an attempt to let the Clinton Crime Family disintegrate before 2020’s primaries gear up in earnest, and the DNC could again find itself in a sticky situation with Hillary’s wealth keeping the whole party afloat…a situation that occurred in 2016, leading to several accusations of rigging the primaries which were later verified by Wikileaks and Julian Assange.



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