AG Sessions tells the World: “The Border is NOT Open. Please Don’t Come.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared on Fox News’ the Hannity Show on Tuesday night to talk about his visit to our Southern border earlier in the day. In a speech on Tuesday morning, Sessions served notice on the illegal immigrant community and on the criminal gangs that populate the border area – the United States would no longer take the porous border situation lightly. President Trump is not President Obama and AG Sessions is not AG Holder or Lynch, the new administration would be prosecuting immigration crime to the fullest extent and they will also be supporting law enforcement’s efforts to do the same.

The core message that Sessions said needs to be delivered to the world at large is that the American border is NOT OPEN for illegal traffic. WHile it may have been easy to enter, and easy to stay in the past, that is no longer the situation. The Trump administration will be taking border security more seriously than their predecessors and that means arresting and deporting every illegal immigrant that gets caught up in the law enforcement net.

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Sean Hannity: What exactly is going to change and how quickly?

AG Jeff Sessions: It is already changing! Can you believe that we have had the lowest number of entrances at the border in 17 years? This is the direct result of Donald Trump’s strong, clear leadership. It has an impact.

The important thing for us is to send a message to the world:

The border is not open. Please don’t come. You will be apprehended if you do come, and you will be deported promptly… This is the kind of message we need to send. It is already being sent. it is having a dramatic effect so far… The numbers are down 70% since President Obama was in office,
it is really a remarkable achievement.

Onan Coca

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