African-American Sheriff Destroys Charlotte Rioters!

Sheriff David Clarke appeared on Fox News Business with Neil Cavuto on Wednesday to discuss the abhorrent behavior the nation is witnessing take place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Clarke and Cavuto discussed the apparently justified shooting that sparked the riots, the influence of the Nation of Islam and #BlackLivesMatter, and the overtly political nature of the entire debacle.

Clarke, as is his wont, got straight to the point and attacked the overtly political foundation of the riotous behavior. This isn’t about social justice, or seeing right overcome wrong; no, according to Clarke, this is all about politics.

This has become a political construct and I said that four months in December of 2014 after Ferguson. I know these people, I know what they’re up to, I know their mode. These are anarchists! The anarchists are exploiting these poor people in these urban ghettos to be the riot starters so until the police commanders start to understand what this movement is – all they have to do is go back to the war on cops in the 60’s in cities like Newark, Detroit, Watts section of LA, Milwaukee, where they tried this soft approach and all it did was enable these individuals to hurt and kill law enforcement officers. And in Detroit anyway, more innocent people were killed than needed to be because the police did not act assertive enough and aggressive enough early on, to dissuade and disrupt this sort of subhuman behavior.

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The entire interview is well worth watching as Sheriff Clarke can offer an interesting and insightful perspective as an African-American man and a law enforcement leader. While Clarke saves his harshest criticism for the political leaders who insight these horrible events, he has no mercy for the “man on the street” who allows himself to be carried into criminal activity either. He had this to say about the criminal rioters who were causing so much destruction and terrorizing their innocent fellow citizens.

“What was on display last night was something you see in a third world nation, like Haiti. It didn’t represent the good city of Charlotte, North Carolina, here in the United States. You saw primitive behavior on display — at best, primitive behavior, and at worst you saw subhuman behavior as people just reacted to circumstances. Rioting, looting, is not a socially acceptable response to people’s frustration or what they may not know.”

Sheriff Clarke also argued that the behavior of the rioters was like “the mentality of a tree stump”: rocks and bottles being thrown, officers under attack, and more. He complained that under these violent circumstances, the Charlotte police commanders were not allowing their officers to “use all reasonable force to defend themselves and protect life and property. Not minimal force, not de-escalation — all reasonable force.”

You can see the full interview with Neil Cavuto below: 🇺🇸

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