African-American Bishop tells Star Athletes that they’ve been “Bamboozled” by the Left

African-American evangelical Bishop Aubrey Shines has a message for the professional athletes and they’re not going to like what he has to say.

Shines is the pastor of Glory to Glory Ministries and he’s tired of watching African-American athletes link themselves up with the left, while ignoring the reality of what is happening in America today.

Bishop Shines argued that the athletes  are being “stooges and pawns” for the Democrat party “plantation” and are furthering the “fake news narrative.”

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You’ve been bamboozled. You’ve been hoodwinked. In regard to those who serve in our police force by the way they’re not taking our lives, they’re defending our lives. Are you aware that blacks make up 13% of the population, yet they commit 50% of the homicides, by the way, against other blacks?

In 2012, police killed about 123 blacks, but twice that amount for whites. The same year, blacks killed over 6,000 mostly other blacks. In Chicago, just this year alone, 3,000 shootings, almost 600 murders. Every 12 hours someone in Chicago is murdered. NFL, NBA, entertainers, please listen. Please stop being pawns and flunkies and stooges for your political party and for those in the news media that incite the fake news narratives that actually inflames this deluge of ignorance that keeps you on their plantation. I’m Aubrey Shines, I’m senior pastor of G2G Ministries in Tampa, Florida.

Sadly, these athletes have a real opportunity to affect change in their communities but instead of working to better the world they live in (by donating their wealth or their time), they instead choose to protest nonexistent problems.

There is no such thing as “systemic racism” in the United States today as Larry Elder explained on a recent episode of the Dave Rubin Youtube show.

There are problems in our society, as there are in every culture around the planet but the protests are misguided and they distract attention from the real problems we face as a society.

Onan Coca

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