Adult Radical Muslims Are Being Placed in High Schools [VIDEO]

Adult radical Muslims, imported at taxpayer expense, are put in a high school with young teens and the media doesn’t think the results are newsworthy.

Politicians are more interested in helping adult, radical Muslims with others people’s money and they don’t care how many of their constituents are harmed. Not only that, the mainstream media is silent and complicit in the outrage.

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The Daily Caller reports,

Emails between school officials at one Canadian high school reveal the school has been struggling to integrate into the school adult Syrian refugees, who reportedly are bullying and threatening students and teachers, as well as making advances on young teenage girls.

One email from the head of the school’s international students department expressed concern that the Brussels attack would have a “trickle down” effect on the refugee students.

The Daily Caller, of course, is an alternative news source. The mainstream media has been silent.

Think of it. How would you feel if your fourteen-year-old daughter was propositioned by a man in his twenties? But that’s not the complete picture. What if the man knew your daughter because the man was enrolled as a student in the same class? What’s more how would you feel if the men were there because they were intentionally transported there and enrolled in the school by your own government and at your expense?

And how would you feel when the mainstream media turns their backs and refuses to acknowledge what is happening?

We can ask the same question for the parents of a young teen boy who is threatened and assaulted for brushing up against a “refugee” girl. Or the parents of children who complain they can’t study because a man in their class insists on speaking loudly when they are supposed to be learning (they don’t know what he’s saying because he insists on speaking Arabic and is hostile to English lessons).

The government and the media don’t care about what is really happening to people. They regard them as necessary sacrifices to maintaining their self-flattering fantasy.

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