Adolf Hitler Reacts to Doritos Baby Commercial

“Subtitled parodies of Adolf Hitler’s last days in the Berlin bunker, as depicted in the 2004 Second World War film Downfall, have become one of the web’s most enduring memes,” and how we have one about the Super Bowl commercial that shows an unborn baby during a sonogram reacting consciously to his father eating Doritos.

The baby — not a blob of tissue — is all too human for the folks at the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL).

Instead of ignoring the ad, some NARAL numbskull Tweeted disapproval. Big mistake. There are articles everywhere about the ad.

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According to the pro-abortionists, the folks who make Doritos made the mistake of “humanizing the fetus.” The nurse is shown saying, “And there’s your beautiful baby.” It’s what every nurse says. Does anyone think that parents get a sonogram to find out how their “product of conception” is doing?

Here’s the Super Bowl commercial that’s causing the dust up and offending the pro-abortionists:

Here’s the Hitler Downfall parody meme video:

Read related article: “Doritos Goes Gay with Rainbow Colored Chips.”

Now if we can get the people who make Doritos to do a commercial showing what same-sex sexuality is all about and how unnatural it is and will never result in any participant ever needing a sonogram.


Gary DeMar

Gary DeMar was raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and Reformed Theological Seminary (1979). He has served as researcher and writer at the Christian Worldview ministry American Vision since 1980 and President since 1984. Today he serves as Senior Fellow at American Vision where he lectures, researches, and writes on various worldview issues. Gary is the author of 30 books on a variety of topics – from "America’s Christian History" and "God and Government" to "Thinking Straight in a Crooked World" to "Last Days Madness." Gary has been interviewed by Time magazine, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the BBC, and Sean Hannity. He has done numerous radio and television interviews, including the “Bible Answer Man,” hosted by Hank Hanegraaff and “Today’s Issues” with Tim Wildmon and Marvin Sanders. Newspaper interviews with Gary have appeared in the Washington Times, Toledo (Ohio) Blade, the Sacramento Bee, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Marietta Daily Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, The Orlando Sentinel, and the Chicago Tribune.

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