Is the Administration Micromanaging the Air War Against ISIS

In the 30’s many thought that there would be a day that all wars would be fought from the air. Planners thought the airplane would be such a fierce and effective weapon that there would be no use for infantry or even navies.

World War II proved this to be a fallacious understanding of future warfare. At the same time, it did establish the remarkable importance of air power. It also revealed the horror that concentrated and persistent bombing from the air could create. Half of Europe was a pile of rubbish.

Now, in an effort to cut down on the civilian casualties created by bombing, the U.S. Military establishment has invented weapons that hit what they are aimed at. Smart bombs have become the principal ordinances of the U.S. Airforce. But, are they being used too carefully.

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The Washington Times reports

The monthly scorecards issued by U.S. Central Command’s Air Force component illustrate how carefully — critics would say how inadequately — the White House oversees the air war against the Islamic State.

About half the combat missions actually unleash ordnance. The other
aircraft return to base with just as many bombs and missiles as when they left.

“It is not an air campaign,” said retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney, a Vietnam War fighter pilot and one of 88 admirals and generals who signed a letter supporting Donald Trump. “In addition, a general in Baghdad must approve every bomb dropped — handcuffs on air power to let ISIS survive.”

This kind of warfare is clearly linked to the administration’s presuppositions concerning this war. They believe that the cause of the Islamists hatred for America is tied up in U.S. bombing and military force. In other words, they are seeking to kill ISIS without creating more recruitment events.

Whether this is something the military or the administration would admit, this does not change the fact that this is true. This is really the only thing that makes sense. Why else would they have such a tight grip on who and where these missions take place?

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