Donald Trump

Administration Looking to Refocus National Discussion on “Made in America” Agenda

There have been a number of unsightly distractions menacing the Trump administration in recent months, all exacerbated by a liberally-biased mainstream media.

One of the most persistent and pedantic versions of the democratic “resistance” to President Donald Trump has been the incessant and unbelievable continuance of a ridiculous conspiracy theory that purports that POTUS is a Russian operative seeking to trade U.S. assets to the Kremlin in repayment for their assistance in getting him elected.  It is no surprise that a majority of Americans have called this theory completely ridiculous, and polls have proven that the nation as a whole is more than ready for this phony storyline to fade into obscurity.  Every week the liberal media finds some new tidbit of far-fetched information to pile onto their cockamamy assertions, leading us forever deeper into a convoluted pile of Putin-inspired gibberish.

Now, as the media continues their attempted derailment of the President’s plans for America, the administration is working to refocus the narrative on what’s important:  Making America great again.

“The White House on Monday will embark on a three-week messaging campaign aimed at refocusing attention on President Donald Trump’s agenda and framing a debate later this summer over rewriting the U.S. tax code.

“The ‘Made In America’ campaign, which starts with the president highlighting locally made products from around the country, is the latest attempt by Mr. Trump’s communications team to control a narrative that has consistently spun out of their grasp during the six months since the inauguration.

“The current health-care debate has underscored the White House’s conundrum, said Newt Gingrich, who remains a political adviser to Mr. Trump. He cautioned that the White House team is ‘still learning’ about its own power but said it was unclear what the Trump White House wanted to accomplish in the health-care debate.

“’Coke believes that after 130 years, consumers still need to hear about Coke seven days a week to be reminded to buy it,’Mr. Gingrich said. ‘Brute repetition is the only way to break through, and it’s hard to know right now what [the White House is] supposed to be selling.’

“[Sean] Spicer said the White House is pushing to expand access to health care and lower costs for U.S. workers. “

Trump’s message to America was extremely clear during his successful 2016 campaign, prompting voters to resoundingly reject the career criminal that he ran against, Hillary Clinton.

Now, however, the tumult and doubt being perpetuated by a warped “resistance” from the democrats has created a nightmare for a Commander in Chief that wishes nothing but the best for those who elected him.  National security and the President’s “America First” attitude have both taken massive hits as the media colludes with the nation’s liberal leaders to thwart Trump at every turn, thereby denying America the policies that they overwhelmingly asked for on November 8th 2016.

 It’s a downright shameful ploy by the democrats, and the administration’s latest refocusing of the narrative should help to combat this latest leftists nuisance.

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