Actually, Liberals are the Ones who are Mentally Ill

Why are liberals so negative? Actually, they appear to be addicted to negativity, as they salivate over any possible item of negative news … especially if it is anti-Trump. For example, this current seeming feud between Bannon and the Trump family. You might ask yourself, why don’t they just climb on board and join the positive wave of what President Trump is accomplishing in this country? In fact, the lack of being able to do such a good thing might be viewed as a sickness. In fact it is a sickness. Let me explain.

A continual negative mental state is generally seen as a psychological disorder. And it obviously is. The Bible puts it well when it says that what comes out of a person’s mouth is an indication of what is in their heart. So then, why are the hearts of liberals filled with negativity and complaining against the good works of President Trump? I even had a former high school mate irrationally call him a “Nazi dictator.”

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Well this is nothing new. For decades liberals have complained against the status quo, as it desperately grasped for new freedoms – e.g. sexual liberation, women’s liberation, gay liberation. And it kept pushing (transgender liberation, gay marriage, etc.) because it was unopposed by the media, entertainment industries, mainstream education and government. In fact it was bolstered by those institutions.

Then along came Trump and a revolution by people who valued normalcy. The mentally ill didn’t take it well … protests that turned into rioting in the streets (while they covered their faces in shame), and a very agitated liberal media. So then once again, why don’t they just climb on board and join the positive wave of what President Trump is accomplishing in this country? Well here’s an answer to that “why.”

Looking at the hearts of the complaining liberals, here is what is motivating them. Looking at their past of addiction to liberation movements (that are anti-nature), we can see (what I call) an addiction to freedom. But why would they keep trying to knock down walls that are anti-nature? It’s because they are seeking to feel free (from any shackles of any kind). They aren’t really concerned about the issues at hand, including such bizarre things as changing one’s gender (which can’t be done because you’re either an XX chromosome or an XY chromosome). They are feeling unfree and therefore are seeking to feel free. In my work that focuses on addiction and its cure (see, I call this an ADDICTION TO FREEDOM. And in my book The Plague Of Liberalism, I say that the disease of this addiction has reached the level of being a plague.

But the problem here is that true freedom can only be found in finding harmony with the natural designs of the bodies we are in. And the things that liberals push are against nature (which is something that can’t be changed).

So then why are some people able to find that harmony and others aren’t? It’s because liberals are looking for harmony in all the wrong places. They should only be seeking that which yields peace in their heart, not agitation. Then once they have that peace, they will get on board and join the positive wave of what President Trump is accomplishing in this country. Instead they are saying that President Trump is mentally ill in order to deflect from the real mental illness which is in them.

So then how can they find that peace and harmony? By joining in with the Creator of nature itself and all of its specifics. Then their cause will be to restore what is natural instead of pushing unnatural things (which can never bring peace and harmony). And I prove (even scientifically) that the Creator of nature is the God of the Bible. ( and But I didn’t come to that realization until after many years of angst and searching through the things of this world. And none of those things gave me deep fulfillment (which has lasted for 35 years now) until I reunited with God on HIS terms (which is explained in the Bible). And the Bible says that there is also a nefarious player in this spiritual war … a negative spiritual realm, which is something that no one should want to be moved by.

Dennis Marcellino

Dennis’s purpose is to show that the culture is very off in many ways and people are suffering as a result … whereas the Bible is provably the perfect standard for truth and solving the problems in the culture and individual lives. He is available for interview. His media kit can be seen at and Dennis's books and DVDs can be found at

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