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Actual Astronaut Weighs in On Moon Movie’s Flag Flop

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When it comes to representing the historical truth about American achievement, is there any real reason to omit the nationality of those who have succeeded in the highest echelons of their field?

In other words, it was truly important that it was an American who first step foot on the moon.  This monumental act of human ingenuity took place at a scary time in our lives, as a technological race between massive superpowers had the nation wholly concerned that we could be obliterated at any moment.

Possibly even from space.

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So, when Neil Armstrong took those fateful steps so many years ago, it was a powerful statement not only for America, but for the very idea of America.

When a recent Ryan Gosling film portraying Armstrong’s achievement purposefully omitted the American flag from both his space suit and the surface of the moon, US moviegoers took notice.

Now, so has astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Aldrin has been extremely proud and vocal regarding his time with NASA, and has even defended the moon landing physically from bullying conspiracy theorists.

The Armstrong Family was a bit less forceful in their statement regarding the controversy.

Mark and Rick Armstrong, the sons of Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong, criticized those who branded the biopic “anti-America.”

‘This story is human and it is universal. Of course, it celebrates an America achievement. It also celebrates an achievement ‘for all mankind,’” a statement by the Armstrongs read. “[T]he filmmakers chose to focus on Neil looking back at the earth, his walk to Little West Crater, his unique, personal experience of completing this journey, a journey that has seen so many incredible highs and devastating lows.”

In an interview with The Telegraph, First Man star Ryan Gosling said the decision to exclude the planting of the American Flag was driven by the notion that the moon landing was regarded as a “human achievement,” rather than an American one.

There have been plenty of concerns over the rise of anti-American sentiments growing among the liberal left in recent months, especially given the attempts by groups such as Antifa to completely negate the First Amendment.

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