Actor Steven Seagal Banned From Entering Ukraine in Bizarre Ruling

Every now and again, the worlds of politics and Hollywood collide in a manner not dictated by a liberal push to delegitimize a conservative President.

Sure, that sounds crazy, especially given the current political climate of the United States, where Tinsel Town’s tawdry twerps have spend the better part of six months doing nothing but insulting the fairly elected leader of the free world.  It does happen, however, and the saga of action movie star Steven Seagal, Russia, and The Ukraine is proof positive.

“Steven Seagal has joined fellow actor Gérard Depardieu on a blacklist of cultural figures barred from entering Ukraine.

 “The Under Siege star, 65, whose grandmother was from Vladivostok, has been branded a national security threat after he was granted Russian citizenship last year and voiced support for Russia’s seizure of Crimea.

“Ukraine’s security service said it had banned him from the country for five years, according to news site Apostrophe, which published a letter from the service saying he had ‘committed socially dangerous actions … that contradict the interests of maintaining Ukraine’s security’.

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“He is understood to be close friends with Vladimir Putin, hailing him as ‘one of the great living world leaders’.

They bonded over a shared interest in martial arts. The Russian president has a black belt in judo, while Seagal has one in aikido.

“In a 2014 interview with Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Seagal said he thinks of Putin ‘as a brother’.”

For some, it will come as no surprise that Vladimir Putin has found himself enamored with the once-svelte action star.  Putin himself is often portrayed by the media as a bravado-laden wannabe hero to the Russian people – an image that Putin has done little to correct with his shirtless, horseback-riding photo shoots.

Seagal, however, has been largely absent from the U.S. media that once garnered him a great deal of fame.  The actor, whose stunt-ravaged body is no longer fit for such rigorous roles, has been largely missing from the spotlight in recent years.  Given what we know now about his relationship with the Russians, it seems that he has definitely stayed busy.


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