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Acting like a Liberal Democrat, Kim Jong Un Bans Christmas

Every year we hear of some group wishing to remove the word Christmas or the Nativity from some government buildings like schools, City Halls, Police Stations and the like. Either that or they want a statue of Satan, a pile of poop or some other such thing also represented.

The sole purpose of course is to show disrespect or disregard to God, Christ and Christians.

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The odd part is that most of these groups claim to not believe in God, think Christ is a joke and Christians are nuttier than a fruitcake. But due to a sense of entitlement or just a plain passionate need to cause discord, they persist. They are often successful because #1 they threaten the pocket books of the government #2 Christians don’t want to be confrontational, lest they be seen as un- Christlike.

According to CBN News:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is banning Christmas and forcing the entire country to celebrate the birth of his grandmother instead.

Many North Koreans already pay homage to Kim Jong-suk or “Sacred Mother of the Revolution,” who was born on Christmas Eve in 1919. However, Jong Un is taking further steps to ban any celebrations of the birth of Christ.

Not only are the citizens being required to worship the wife of North Korea’s first dictator and the mother of former leader Kim Jong II, they can no longer erect Christmas trees or display any religious symbols on trees….

Doug Bandow, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, wrote. “Believers place loyalty to God before that of the North Korean state. Churches allow people to act and organize outside of state entities. Christianity also has ties to a world seen as almost uniformly threatening by Pyongyang.”

I wonder how many members of these groups have requested a Kim Jong Un T-shirt as a Winter Solstice Present.

I wonder how many others will turn a blind eye to the religious persecution going on in North Korea? I mean, hey, if they don’t like it they can just move RIGHT?????? Oh wait I forgot America put up a No Vacancy Sign to all except Muslim Refugees.

So try to remember when you are standing in line at WAL-MART to return the ugly sweater Aunt Helga gave you for Christmas that it is a privilege and not torture- BE Kind and remember WHO and WHAT we actually are SUPPOSE to be CELEBRATING.

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