Acosta’s Shenanigans SHUT DOWN By POTUS at Presser with Prime Minister

The skill with which CNN and the mainstream media play the role of the victim has become uncanny in 2018, after being forced to suffer blow after blow from the U.S. President himself.

From the moment Donald Trump was nominated as the 2016 republican candidate for President, the liberal media elite were on his trail like rabid bloodhounds who skipped a few meals.  They gnashed their teeth and foamed at the mouth attempting to invoke a hatred for our first Citizen President in decades.  They pushed to indoctrinate the youth into their calamitous cabal as well, molding the minds of the malleable millennials, and unleashing them upon the world as the radical left.

At the center of this “resistance” chic is one journalist in particular who is dead set on making a name for himself in this brave new Trumpian world.  His name is Jim Acosta, and he has been a thorn in the side of our government for years.

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And these are just the times that Acosta got to the President, and makes no mention of his daily harassment of Sarah Sanders in the daily White House Press Briefings.

Acosta is no dummy, however, realizing that the Trump presidency will be something to behold when the history books are all that’s left of this special time in our nation’s history.  By being the most decorated ass in the donkey stable, Acosta hopes to write himself into the books right beside the populist President.

That is why we see Acosta in London today, shouting nonsense at our Commander in Chief yet again.

“Since you attacked CNN can I ask you a question?” Acosta asked the president during the Q&A period.

Trump responded, “CNN is fake news. I don’t take questions from CNN. Let’s go to a real network,” and gave the question to Fox News’ John Roberts.

“Well we’re a real network too sir,” Acosta chimed in trying to get the last word.

You’re right Jim, you guys are a network, that’s for sure.  In fact, you guys are the prototype by which the rest of the mainstream media allows itself to be corrupted.

CNN and the rest of the television clowns are relying on conflict to bring in viewers, which in turns brings in advertisers, which, of course, is their only real stream of revenue.  Without conflict, the entire house of cards comes crashing down, and CNN goes out of business.  So, what’s a reporter to do when things are boring?  

Shout at the President as often as possible, I guess.

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