An Abortion Survivor Tells Her Story – This Must be Shared

Over the last few weeks the fight over abortion has entered the public consciousness again as President Trump has acted decisively to save lives by reinstating the so-called Mexico City Policy (which forbids federal funding of overseas abortions) and pressing Congress to make the Hyde Amendment (which bans federal funding of abortions domestically) permanent law. With the flurry of activity from the White House, the same old (and wrong) arguments have arisen from the pro-death left in defense of child sacrifice.

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Instead of once again beating those arguments back, I thought this time we’d let you hear straight from those most affected by abortion… the aborted.

Gianna Jessen is an abortion survivor who has become famous by spreading her message of hope and life around the world. She routinely speaks out in defense of life and her very voice is a reminder that abortion is murder. Please watch her powerful speech to members of Australia’s Parliament and then share it with everyone you can.

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Just in case Gianna’s story isn’t powerful enough for you, please hear from another survivor, Melissa Ohden. Mrs. Ohden is personal friends with 160 other abortion survivors, and each of them tell the same story… abortion most certainly is murder. We must end the holocaust.

If you’ve never had to see the movie that was partially based on the life of Gianna Jessen, you can rent or purchase it on YouTube. It’s called October Baby and it tells the moving and powerful story of an abortion survivor.

Speaking out against abortion is a life and death issue. We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines while the next generation is slaughtered in the womb. Please help. Please fight back. Don’t let innocent blood be shed without speaking up.

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