Abortion: America’s Role in the Genocide of the Black Community

You may have seen pro-life activist Star Parker delivering a lecture recently at one of a thousand elitist liberal universities on how abortion has harmed the black community. A topic that is normally ignored in the mainstream media, especially when the speaker is a conservative black female, this one made headlines after Star was confronted by a pro-choice professor who thought she could easily expose the pro-life cause as one that enables death and oppresses women’s rights.

I was overjoyed to see Star’s response to the professor’s attacks. I call them attacks because that’s what they were. To immediately debate the professor while accepting her false premises would’ve been foolish and a losing strategy. The professor made no attempt to debate the foundational grievance of the pro-life cause because she isn’t even remotely curious about the opposing side’s point of view unless it gives her some edge in defeating it.

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It should be obvious to all of us that no one wants women undergoing dangerous or harmful procedures for any reason, and yet that’s the angle the professor chooses to attack Star with. She insinuates that being against the right to an abortion means forcing women to undergo illegal and dangerous medical procedures instead of safe, government sanctioned and government subsidized ones. That’s clearly not what Star is arguing. She’s arguing that abortion is morally wrong and as a society it’s time we owned up to it and started defending those who can’t defend themselves. The only debate truly worth having here, because it’s the only actual area of disagreement between the two parties, is whether or not it’s moral to choose to end a human life in the womb of a mother. Furthermore, if it is immoral, should we still allow it because it’s easier than attempting to ban it. And that’s it. Everything else is just noise and deception. Tactical maneuvers to gain some ground.

The confrontation between Star and the professor didn’t include a happy exchange of ideas, a search for common sense, or a dance around the maypole to celebrate our common humanity. There was only offense and defense, and that’s okay because anything would’ve been a lie and a waste of time. The truth is that you cannot find common sense between two parties that have nothing in common. That is the reality of serious issues of morality and liberty, of abortion in this case, and thank God Star Parker has the right attitude. She simply stated with passion and conviction that abortion ought to be thought of as seriously as slavery and that in the end “one of us is going to win”.

Finally someone has the right attitude.

The battle for liberty against the despotism of tyranny and moral relativism is one that has been raging since the inception of mankind. It isn’t going to end with a rousing song of kumbaya, unless of course it’s only being sung by the victors while the losers are off licking their wounds somewhere. The fact is there exists good and evil. There exists absolute truth. There are those of us who believe that truth comes from God’s word, that the truth is transcribed into a natural order of something greater than ourselves that is unchangeable. We’re at odds with those who see truth as a man-made construct, one that adjusts with fluidity to better serve our physical nature as human beings rather than our spirits. On issues of life and death, of truth and justice, there can only be one right answer and one victor.

In the end, as Star said, one of us is going to win.

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