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Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide May Have MASSIVE Implications For His Daughter

Aaron Hernandez, former player for the NFL’s reigning Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, was found fead in his jail cell this week.

The embattled Hernandez was involved in an appeal of his guilty verdict in the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013 when the apparent suicide took place.  While U.S. social media exploded at his death, with many users expressing relief that Hernandez was dead, a very specific legal maneuver may have been enacted as a result of his passing on…one that his young daughter stands to gain quit a bit from.

“Under the state of Massachusetts laws, if you die during an appeal of a conviction, automatically the original conviction becomes null and void. Which means Hernandez never violated the New England Patriots contact. This would mean Hernandez’s 4 year-old daughter would be entitled to the remainder of the $15 million the Patriots promised him if he dies a day after he signed his original contract.”

While the cruel and insensitive world of the internet tends to tear people like Hernandez to shreds, (and let’s not forget that he was found guilty of Lloyd’s murder in a previous trial), Hernandez did sacrifice his life for the good of his family should this legal maneuver lead to his daughter’s windfall.

Hernandez’s crime was an enormous black eye for the National Football League, as the organization struggled with an enormous onslaught of disturbing behavior being displayed by their players.  Not only were there an alarming number of domestic violence incidents reported by spouses of the league’s player, drug busts and Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American publicity stunt contributed to an enormous drop in rating for the 2016 season.

Should the young Hernandez receive the $15 million as reported, perhaps we can all recognize the tiniest sliver of a silver lining in the story of one of the NFL’s most tragic events.

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