The Media Attacks on Trump Are Nothing New

Consider the following headlines:

Trump Doesn’t Care About Black Voters

Trending: CONFUSED: H’Wood Bummed By Positive ‘Black Panther’ Review From…

The Irrefutable Stupidity of Donald Trump

Trump is a Homophobe

Donald Trump is a COWARD!


Wow. What a jackass, right?

And apparently so is his family, or anyone who votes for him:

Trump Family is a Nazi Dynasty in the U.S.

The Trump Campaign and its Neo-Nazi Supporters


In case you’re still sittin’ on the fence, let’s not forget:

Trump’s Promised Misogyny                                       

Trump Campaign’s Ugly Anti-Muslim Strategy

Trump Tweets Racist Monkey Joke


Clearly this guy is the anti-Christ.

Or is he?

Though these are actual headlines from popular media outlets, and sound like the ones we see and hear every day this campaign season, not a single one was written about Trump. You can take his name out and replace it with who they were written about – George Bush, John McCain, Ron Paul, Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney.

See the point?

When you can’t win on policy and achievement – and the Left can’t – you only have two options. The first is to change the makeup of the electorate. You do this by opening the borders, expanding government assistance programs, and canvassing in cemeteries. The second is to attack your opponent to deflect from your own failures.

The name at the top of the Republican polls is as irrelevant as it is interchangeable, the assault from liberals and their media cohorts will adjust to fit whoever is the frontrunner. Their campaign playbook is as unimaginative as their governing, and Trump is merely the flavor of the month.

It’s the same thing, no matter which channel you turn to:

ABC – Trump has no respect for women!

CNN- Trump is a racist!

MSNBC – Trump is a Nazi!

Megan Kelly – Some people say Trump is a misogynistic, racist Nazi!

This isn’t to say Trump is or is not any of the things being said about him. And it’s not to say the volume and intensity of the attacks isn’t greater this year than in years past. The hostility displayed for Trump makes the pummeling of Palin seem almost like a love affair by comparison. But the Left’s hatred is just a mask for their fear. In Trump they see someone who they cannot cower into silence by calling him politically incorrect. When they say, “You can’t call another politician’s wife ugly!” he replies, “Shut up! And by the way, your wife’s ugly too!”

Instead of backing down he doubles down.

And when he does they stare at him with the frightened, glazed-over look of a recently thawed caveman seeing an airplane for the first time.

But let’s cut the nonsense and stop pretending the malevolence has anything to do with Trump.

If The Donald was not the presumptive nominee we’d be hearing one of the following:

Marco Rubio is a liar!

Jeb Bush is a Nazi!

Ted Cruz is crazy!

Carly Fiorina is a misogynist!

Ben Carson is a racist!

Same as it ever was . . .

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