A Season of Treason

The invocations for impeachment began even before the oath of office was taken.

Never mind that it was a conviction in search of a crime. The lack of evidence was a mere inconvenience, blanks to be filled in at a later date.

And now the nation stands at the cusp of a coup, as liberals and the media conspire to veto the vote of sixty-three million US citizens.

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What they could not achieve by a fair and honest election process they attempt to accomplish via skullduggery. When did treason cease to be a crime?

My, how far the left has come from the days when their candidate, The Entitled One, declared herself to be “horrified” at the very thought that someone could “denigrate our democracy” in the event that “a candidate from either party refuses to accept the election result.”

Of course that was only when they were cocksure the dress was in the bag.

She was, “so appalled by the very thought of this” that, as outlined in Politico editor’s Jonathan Allen’s book Shattered, within twenty-four hours after the loss her campaign came up with their “The Russians Did It!” gambit to begin their efforts to reverse the results.

We are witnessing the biggest sore losers in the history of mankind, liberals unmasked as petulant children throwing a perpetual temper tantrum.

It is a sad state of affairs that President Trump may actually benefit from being impeached and removed from office. If we have learned anything over the last few months it’s that progressives pose a danger to all who disagree with their narrow definition of diversity. A quick check of the goings-on at campuses all across the country stands testament to this. There are billions of dollars at stake here, and men have killed for much, much less. If the impeachment goes the way of the election, the recount, and the efforts to threaten the Electoral College to change their votes, there is no telling what the failed and ever more desperate left will try next.

Sadder still, the real danger to the president does not come from recognized enemies: Dems and their squalid, unfounded accusations, and their media pets tossing bombshell breaking fake news from across the battlefield. No, it comes from “friendly” fire behind his own lines. Trump’s gravest threats come from within. The Soros Cabal lack the necessary votes to impeach. They cannot pull off this revolution without the complicity of treasonous faux-conservatives crossing party lines, and many seem all too willing.

Donald Trump is sorely in need of a wartime consigliere, instead he has Ryan and McConnell, the two-headed Tessio, traitors in his midst.

Impeachment may be the optimal outcome for the president, for if he survives it he may find himself invited to the Senate for a meeting, under pretense of giving a victory speech to celebrate vanquishing his transgressors. As he ascends the steps of the building, surrounded by his Secret Service bodyguards, Paul Ryan calls out, “Mr. President, a moment please?” as he motions Trump to join in him an aside. Trump tells his bodyguards to stay in place, he’ll only be a few feet away, briefly. After a pithy statement of support, Ryan offers his hand, and when Trump accepts it Ryan holds fast to the president’s arm, preventing him from turning away. It is then that Trump notices the dead-fish eyes and serpentine smile on the Speaker’s face, and realizes they are no longer alone, but encircled by other men. He sees McCain step forward, and notices a glimpse of sun reflecting off the steel in his hand. McCain thrusts and steps back, before Graham, Sasse, Rubio, McConnell and others follow suit. As he collapses to his knees, the president spies a lone man at the periphery of the group, hesitant before stepping forward and delivering his cruel blow: Pence, propositioned and partnered by promises of power to come in the aftermath of the carnage.

It may be Democrats inviting President Trump to a parade in Dallas, but it will be Republicans advising him, “It’s such a beautiful day, sir, what do you say we use a convertible and enjoy the sunshine?”

God save the president, God help us all.

S.P. Palermo

Sonny Palermo is an editor, novelist, humorist and marketing director. His writing has appeared at Lucianne’s, David Horowitz’s News Reel Blog, American Thinker, I Hate the Media and the Daily Caller, as well as other popular websites and magazines. His favorite quote is "With Words I Enlist a Dark Army." (Pat Conroy, Prince of Tides) When asked to submit a short bio, he sent us this: I was born. Then a lot of other stuff happened. Currently I'm in Vegas, Sin City, where 50% of my time is spent in the confessional booth trying to explain (and seeking penance for) the other 50%.

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