96% of Moroccan ‘Child Immigrants’ to Sweden are Adult Men

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Sweden can’t seem to get out of their own way when it comes to the government narrative on Muslim migrants and refugees.

While the people of Sweden clamor for change, beg their politicians to tighten border security, and pray for relief from the floods of migrants constantly pouring across their borders, the Swedish politicians continue to sit ensconced in their Ivory Towers protected from the carnage in the streets below.

Over the last few months there have been many different reports from the Northern European nation, proving that Sweden is struggling to find a way to deal with a spike in crime and poverty that they’ve allowed through their reckless immigration policies. Sweden was once a peaceful land with a very low crime rate – now it suffers the ignominy of being the world’s “rape capital.”  Sweden is also the Western world’s leader in … “grenade attacks.” Did you even know that was a thing? Well, Sweden had 27 grenade attacks in 2016, and they’ve already had a bunch of them in 2017 as well.The point is that Sweden is suffering and their current liberal government is pretending that nothing is wrong, and everything is as it should be… but it’s not.

The latest evidence of the massive problems that Sweden is creating for itself is just now being reported in Sweden’s major news outlets.

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A recent study of incoming migrants from Morocco found that a full 96% of them lied to the government about their age, telling the government that they were “children’ when in fact, they were adult men.

The problem with false identities have again put on the agenda after the terrorist attack on Drottninggatan in April. The suspected perpetrator Rakhmat Akilov, who according to police has admitted that he was driving the truck, in Sweden used several identities…

Svenska Dagbladet has noted a memo sent from the border police of the Ministry of Justice May 12 The document shows that a total of 77 people Morocco decided to accept it has 65 of them had a different identity than the one they provided when they applied for asylum in Sweden.

“Of the 50 who at the time of asylum application indicated that they were minors was actually only just two minor” write gränspolischefen Patrik Engström in the memo.

While the report focuses on the overwhelming number of Moroccans who are not who they claim to be, they also show that the “problem with false identities” is not limited to their Moroccan migrants. The first story they site of a terrorist named Rkhmat Akilov, found that Akilov was from Uzbekistan. Then the newspaper tells the story of an Algerian serial rapist who the authorities had believed was Moroccan.

Patrik Engström cites the example of a man who in 2007 was sentenced to three and a half years in prison and lifetime expulsion following a number of attempted rape. In eight years after serving his sentence, he sat still in custody in Sweden and Morocco did not accept him.Later it turned out that the man was the Algerians, Moroccans do not.

It took more than a decade for the authorities to discover that the serial rapist they couldn’t deport was not from Morocco but from Algeria. More than a decade.

Another Swedish newspaper, FriaTider , accurately cuts to the heart of the Swedish migrant problem.

The so-called street children from North Africa are often adults Arab men traveling around different countries in Western Europe under different identities and engage in committing crimes, including sexual crimes as rape.

Does this remind  you of the stories we hear in our newspapers? Where liberals whine and moan about the fate of the poor women and children trying to find safety from war, but when we look at the pictures of the flood of migrants all we see our young 20-something Muslim men?

If our officials, and American voters, don’t wake up, we’ll soon be facing the same kind of catastrophe that Sweden has discovered. There is still time, but we must demand reform from our government, now.


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