Has-Been 90’s Rapper Wants to Fight Racism with…Segregation?

There has been a level of absurdity in our nation’s political discourse as of late that is both perplexing and nearly hilarious.

As Americans, we have faced our fair share of ugly, racial tension throughout the course of our history.  There are some very dark days that are thankfully behind us, and while we do see the occasionally disheartening regurgitation of decades-old prejudices in our modern society, we have certainly moved a great deal in the right direction as a whole.

The current obsession of the race-baiting left, however, is to continue drawing conservatives to argue about what little racism is left in our country.  This is being achieved by a concerted attack on the National Football League in which a number of athletes and celebrities are fast becoming proponents of the offensive protests during the National Anthem.  For some, these gestures are meant to disparage police.  For others, it’s all about telling the President off.  In nearly all cases, however, those protesting are doing so with a racially charged agenda.

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Now, once-iconic P Diddy, (nee, Puff Daddy), is joining the chorus of race baiters with his own plan to end discrimination in the NFL…by suggesting the league be segregated into a “white” league and a “black” league.

“Liberals are mad that Donald Trump is actually winning the cultural war against the NFL. From football’s declining ratings to the suspension of left-wing activist-sportscaster Jemele Hill at ESPN, Americans are showing how they really feel about NFL players who disrespect the flag.

“But rather than accept the lesson that people want less–not more–politics in their sports, high-profile celebrities are (predictably) doubling down.

“Just look at rapper Sean “’P. Diddy’ Combs’ latest ‘dream.’


“What Combs is hinting at when he talks about ‘our’ own league is making a football organization focused on blacks. The rapper’s imaginary personal football ‘dream’ sounds very different from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream.”

This is just another absurd liberal fantasy that in no way represents the ideals and the equality that Americans strive for.

The left is so hellbent on bucking traditional American values that they are going to previously unheard of lengths to downplay the tenets of our nation’s founding.  Where the Declaration of Independence presents all men as “created equal”, the new American liberal believes that equalization, not equality, is the key to the American Dream.

In the case of P. Diddy, (or whatever he’s calling himself now), his dream of two Americas runs completely counter to the ideals of the rest of the nation.  Segregation is thankfully over, at least for those of us not indoctrinated by the lunatic fringes of liberalism.

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