80’s Hollywood Action Superstar says “We Need Donald Trump!”

As a child of the 1980’s, one of my favorite entertainers growing up was a Belgian-born marital arts superstar by the name of Jean Claude Van Damme. His movies Bloodsport and Kickboxer were two of my favorite “films,” and his talent for kicking people in the head and landing the leading lady were prolific. Today, Van Damme is not the star he once was, but that doesn’t mean he’s shy when the cameras are rolling, either.

The Hollywood paparazzo’s at TMZ recently caught up with JCVD as he was leaving a Beverly Hills restaurant, and of course the question on everyone’s mind was… ‘Election 2016 – who ya’ got?”

Van Damme may have surprised the fortunate cameraman with his answer, but as any fan of his famously pro-American films will tell you, it really doesn’t surprise us. Van Damme is from an older school of American immigrant, one that was proud to have been welcomed to our gilded shores and is still thankful for the many opportunities the US of A has afforded him.

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“I would like to talk to you and to give an answer but you have to promise me that I can talk for, like, let’s say, two minutes without being interrupted, because I love America and I came here with nothing and I became a star because of these people. And I am very well in America,Van Damme gushed before arguing that the big news shouldn’t be about hackers but about Russia. “America right now needs to be treated like a business… When a guy has invested [billions] into this country, he wants to protect his interests… No more time to talk about nothing else other than to fly to Russia, have a vodka with Mr. Putin and to try to make peace. Because all the rest are weak countries, except America is strong, and Russia is strong. So, you have to shake hands.”

Finally, the action hero turned to the recently released video of Mr. Trump’s “locker room” conversation with Billy Bush more than a decade ago. Van Damme argued that while the comments may have been crass, they really aren’t that different from the things that many men say every day. “Do you know how many guys I know who say the word p-u-s-s-you-know-what many, many times a day. Guys, you’re talking about the wrong things in politics. Right now, you need a guy like — I would say, look, I love my brother Muslim. They love martial arts. I love them. I love everybody on Earth. Right now, we need Donald Trump.”

Watch everyone’s favorite 80’s martial arts star as he begs America to vote Trump.


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