59% of Europeans Say Trump is Right on Refugees Increasing Threat of Terrorism

Donald J. Trump is now the official Republican nominee for President of the United States. He has received a ton of criticism and ridicule from the mainstream liberal media and liberal Americans, mostly Democrats, for speaking out against Obama’s policy of wanting to admit tens of thousands of refugees into the US, mostly from the Middle East.

Trump says there is a great danger of increased terrorism by allowing so many Muslim refugees into the country. He also said that they will take jobs away from American citizens, which in the long run will hurt the economy. For these comments, the liberal media and politicians claim that Trump is full of hate and is insensitive for those comments.

Millions of Middle Eastern Muslim refugees started pouring into Europe before they began arriving here. The people of Europe have seen firsthand what Trump has been warning America about and what they’ve seen fully supports Trump’s warnings.

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I have friends in Great Britain who have told me that the issue of refugees and the huge number of immigrants pouring into their country had a large part for the people of Great Britain voting for Brexit. They voted to leave the European Union in hopes that they could stop the influx of refugees and immigrants because of the disastrous effects they cause.

A recent Pew Research Center report supports Trump’s fears and warnings. They polled people in a number of European countries, all of which have been experiencing the effects of welcoming refugee and their responses should be a warning for America.

Pew Statement: Refugees will increase the likelihood of terrorism in our country.

Forty percent of the people in Spain agreed while Hungary, who has been flooded with thousands of refugees, had an 76% affirmative response. The medium response was 59% of all Europeans polled, which means the majority of Europeans, share Trump’s fear of the danger of terrorism posed by admitting refugees, mainly Muslim.

Pew Statement: Refugees are a burden on our country because they take our jobs and social benefits.

Thirty-one percent of Germans agreed while 82% of Hungarians agreed. The medium response was 50% in agreement. Note that Hungary was one of the first countries that was flooded with hundreds of thousands of refugees, many from Syria, and now their people are seeing the negative impact of allowing them into their country. Again, this fully supports Trump’s warnings about the danger and negative impact of allowing so many Middle Eastern refugees into America.

Pew Statement: Refugees in our country are more to blame for crime than other groups.

Again, Spain was low with only 13% agreeing with the statement, but 43% of people in Hungary, 46% of the people in Sweden and 47% of the people in Italy agreed with this last statement.

America needs to wake up. The Europeans that I know say it’s already too late for them because the refugees and immigrants are already there and there is little to nothing that they can do to correct the problems caused by them. My friends have told me that the only hope for America is close our borders and start being very, very selective about who we allow into the country. My friends in the UK said that Obama’s immigration policy could destroy America and that we should take immediate steps to close our southern border and stop the flood of illegals, even if it means building Trump’s wall.

The Pew Research from Europe fully supports the warnings from Donald Trump and he is the only person running for office, especially the presidency, that has the guts to stand up and speak the truth about the danger to our country. It shows that Trumps is more concerned about preserving America than anyone else in current politics so it’ no wonder the liberals are so upset and label him a hater. They can’t stand to hear the truth.

America! Wake up! We need to take action now before we have the same problems with refugees and immigrants (especially illegal) that Europe is already experiencing. I’ll reiterate my view and say that we need to use our military engineers and construction battalions to build a wall like the 93% effective one in Yuma, Arizona, across our entire 1950-mile border with Mexico. We are already paying them so why not use their talents and skills to build the wall? That covers the labor costs that everyone talks about. Then bring our military troops home and station them along the entire wall and give them the necessary equipment and tools to monitor and protect the wall and keep illegals out of our nation. Our military needs to start protecting America instead of other countries, many of who vow our destruction. This plan only leaves the cost of materials for the wall, drastically reducing the high cost that liberals claim as being unreasonable. I see this as a win-win-win solution. Then we need to shut all of our ports of entry and refuse to take any Middle Eastern refugee. That’s not being un-American or insensitive, it’s being responsible and protective of our country, our economy, our safety and our people.


Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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