5 Major Reasons Rand Paul Supporters Should Back Ted Cruz

As a member of several libertarian-leaning social media groups, I see a lot of staunch support for the libertarian’s libertarian, Sen. [score]Rand Paul[/score]. Unwavering in their support, even after he dropped out of the race, many Paul supporters seem to dislike [score]Ted Cruz[/score] intensely. I’m not sure where this comes from–given Cruz’s record of defending constitutional liberties–but in this piece, I’d like to make an argument as to why libertarians should lend their support to [score]Ted Cruz[/score] this primary cycle.

Ted Cruz stood firmly against Net Neutrality

Few people understood–or understand–what net neutrality means, but Jeffrey Dorfman explains the argument against net neutrality plainly:

“More choices are good for consumers. We win from having multiple flavors of ice cream in the store. We benefit from the large variety of cars available for purchase. The fact that most people cannot afford some of those models does not mean they should be removed from sale. Similarly, the fact that some businesses or consumers may choose to pay for better access to the Internet is not a bad thing. Some people pay more to fly first class, but they do not interfere with my travel in coach. As long as the government enforces the antitrust laws and ensures that consumers can choose among methods and providers for how they connect to the Internet, consumers can pick winners and losers by voting with their time, their eyeballs, and their dollars. No government needed, thank you very much.”

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In November 2014, Cruz made the simple but effective argument against net neutrality:

“The worst thing that could happen is letting a whole bunch of politicians come in and regulate every aspect of what you’re doing. The reason the Internet has had the dynamism, the opportunity, the freedom, the diversity is because it [hasn’t] been plagued by excessive regulation…Your smartphone, the Internet, the apps–all of this is outside Title 2. The innovation is happening without having to go to government regulators and say ‘Mother, may I?’ What happens when the government starts regulating a service as a public utility–it calcifies everything and freezes it in place…The last thing you want is for five unelected bureaucrats in Washington to take charge of regulating the Internet as a public utility.”

[score]Rand Paul [/score]also stood against Net Neutrality.

Ted Cruz wrote the amicus brief and argued against Washington D.C.’s handgun ban in District of Columbia v. Heller

In his review of Senator Cruz’s life, Glenn Beck writes:

“Cruz won a huge Second Amendment victory in the District of Columbia versus Heller, drafting the amicus brief signed by the attorneys general of 31 different states and presenting the oral argument. This victory struck down a D.C. handgun ban as infringing upon the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

This is huge. Ted Cruz didn’t simply stand by and watch D.C. disregard our constitutional rights, he went on the attack, and won.

[score]Rand Paul[/score] stands against D.C.’s still restrictive gun laws as well.

Ted Cruz successfully defended Texas’ Rider 8

Texas’ Rider 8 prohibits state funds from going to abortion clinics. Cruz also led the charge for defunding Planned Parenthood nationally. Like with D.C. v. Heller, he didn’t just talk about the issue, he did something about it, and won with Texas’ Rider 8.

[score]Rand Paul [/score]stood against national funding of Planned Parenthood.

Ted Cruz supported the ending of bulk meta-data collection with the USA FREEDOM Act

United Liberty writes:

“The latest version of the USA FREEDOM Act…would end the National Service Agency’s bulk metadata collection program as well as add a civil liberties panel to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to provide some much-needed oversight…”

Some argued the bill wasn’t enough, including Paul, however:

“…the USA FREEDOM Act boasts the support of the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and FreedomWorks. While the bill isn’t perfect, those three groups explain that the new version of the measure is a good start towards reform and confirmed that it would end the NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records.”

Cruz helped put chains on the federal government’s illegal spying on citizens. They may not have been as strong as some preferred, but he did the best he could to defend the Fourth Amendment within the realistic confines of the situation.

Ted Cruz stood up to King Corn

[score]Ted Cruz[/score] took the extremely unpopular decision to go against the ethanol lobby while campaigning in Iowa, the de facto ethanol capital of the U.S.

Not only that, but in front of an audience of hundreds of Iowans, including Governor Terry Branstad–who told people not to vote for Cruz because of his opposition to ethanol–Cruz flatly said he was against any and all energy subsidies.

He then won Iowa.

[score]Rand Paul [/score]stands against energy subsidies.

You may not agree with [score]Ted Cruz[/score] on everything; few of us will ever agree with a chosen politician on every one of their positions. That being said, while Ted Cruz is a constitutional conservative–not a libertarian–his record shows that he’ll fight for the free market, as well as our constitutional liberties.

That’s only the beginning. Look to Cruz’s fight against Obama’s illegal amnesty, his efforts to protect religious liberties, and his position on marriage as a state right–respecting the Tenth Amendment.

Before you scoff at this article and dismiss it as Cruz propaganda–I know how easy that would be–please consider its merits. More than that, look to Cruz’s record, examine it–going all the way back to his time at the FTC–and don’t simply buy into the lies. Find multiple sources, and don’t only look to rhetoric.

We need to defeat Donld Trump, [score]Marco Rubio[/score], and the Democrats. [score]Ted Cruz[/score] is a strict constitutionalist who supports liberty, and he’s the only one who can take them down.

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