Yeti Coolers

The 5 Most Poignant Reactions to Yeti Cooler’s Anti-2A Nonsense

As we all are aware, Yeti coolers, makers of extremely expensive luxury coolers, have severed ties with the National Rifle Association – a move that was certain to draw a strong reaction from Americans everywhere.

The recent fight against the NRA has been exacerbated by a number of high profile firearm incidents in this nation, in which the bleeding heart liberals latched onto the nation’s emotional response in order to elicit a political response.  (Nothing new for the left, really).  The only problem is that the only comment thread between these incidents, besides the firearm, is the fact that these crazed shooters were all reported to, and known to local and national authorities before their respective incidents…and nothing was done.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the avalanche or awful opinions from littering Twitter.  Given the ridiculousness of the rhetoric, we will say that it was difficult to narrow it down to just five….

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