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4Chan Beautifully Infuriates Social Justice Twerps With New Campaign

Political correctness has become a weapon of the radical left thanks to the overzealous and bizarre work of the so-called “social justice warriors”.

In reality, these warriors are nothing more than social media savvy millennials who really enjoy garnering “likes” and “views” on the internet as though these theoretical points would somehow prepare them for success later in life.  Myspace, then Twitter and Facebook, have created an unsustainable viewpoint for these young people who believe that they are, as individuals, worthy of vaunted attention.  On Facebook, everyone is a celebrity and everyone is broadcasting their self-important views for the world to adapt to.

It has pushed a massive shift in our culture where individuality is at once respected and self-deprecating.  We are all different, and the choices we make will determine our compatibility with other human beings – this much has to be true.  What isn’t true, however, is that your choices shouldn’t affect your ability to navigate life in America.

This is the difference between equity and equality that liberals just don’t seem to understand.  You see, we are all created equal…it’s what you do with that creation that determines your lot in life.  By installing mass equity in society, there is no longer an incentive for competition.  It’s cultural communism.

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As this all spirals into a leftist meltdown of epic proportions, the internet trolls over at 4Chan have decided to see how far they can push the radical liberal base.  In typical 4Chan fashion, their campaign is a little edgy, but intellectually provocative.

“Last week we covered the story of a formal Police investigation being launched over the alleged hate crime that recently occurred at Boston College. A crime that was nothing more than the placement of a single poster on campus with the words ‘Don’t apologize for being white.’ Seemingly inspired by this development and the overblown reaction to it. The infamous trolls over at 4chan’s politically incorrect board have just launched a new widespread campaign set to take this poster idea to the next level.

“The idea was simple. If a seemingly innocuous message like the one posted at Boston College could cause such a reaction, what would happen if a similar message was far more widely distributed? 4chan decided they wanted to find out, and Operation White was soon hatched. The plan being to print out and post all around every major city possible, a simple flyer featuring only the words ‘IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.’

“The operation was launched Halloween night, with the costume excuse offering some level of identity protection to the brave participants. Some ground rules were also put into effect, such as only putting the signs up on public property, as law breaking or vandalism was not desired. Organizers also made it clear that the overall mission was not about hate. Rather it was about creating the most overblown reaction from the SJW Left possible. So that this overreaction would then hopefully be taken negatively by middle of the road political centrists, or as 4chan users tend to refer to them as ‘normies.'”

Judging by the angry, visceral reactions on Twitter and Facebook, the campaign seems to be achieving at least one of its goals.

The social justice jerks of the internet are absolutely livid when confronted with the phrase, insinuating a meaning that isn’t at all there.  These angry, radical leftists are inferring that these statements denote a resentment of whites being oppressed, which is not at all the case.  Instead, “it’s okay to be white” is simply one of infinite ways to end the sentence “it’s okay to be”.




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