America is at a Crossroads Again


Before an adoring crowd, and in a whimsical but discordant setting resembling an ancient Greek temple, candidate Barack Obama proclaimed: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” The crowd went wild! Obama not only won the election, but his words proved to be prophetic. America is a fundamentally transformed country, and Obama has brought the process of change to a point that actually undermines the foundation upon which this country rests. This is not the America that George Washington envisioned in his first Inaugural Address – to which Mr. Obama would likely add: “Good riddance!”

In those years Obama was the welcome antidote for millions of Americans who hungered for change – mostly from George Bush. Moreover, America was going to elect her first black president; America’s collective guilt would be assuaged and racism would end.

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By the power of his oratory alone, Mr. Obama sold the elixir of hope to a thirsty nation: “We are the ones we have been waiting for,” he boasted. “We are at the moment when the rise of the oceans begins to slow and our planet begins to heal.” And the crowd roared its approval. The sheer drama electrified them.

Nobody could have then imagined how much change he planned to bring and what form it would take, but aside from Conservatives and Tea Party types that the Wall Street Journal editor labeled “Yahoos,” nobody really cared – particularly the mainstream media. Hillary Clinton at the zenith of her popularity had never inspired such devotion in the media. Here at last was a candidate that was bigger than life; a man so admired that even the crease in his trousers became, for a liberal pundit, a major credential for becoming president.

Why does Obama inspire a cult-like adoration? What about him causes Republicans to abandon their stated principles?  Who is this man who caused maidens to swoon, and a hardened talk show host to experience “thrills” up his leg? No other candidate in either party has ever inspired such worshipful fervor, at least while living!

It is said that a man is known by the company he keeps. So to better understand this elusive figure who has held, and still holds, the fate of millions of Americans in his hand, we need to meet some of the company Obama has kept, past and present; individuals who helped shape him into what he is today.

Obama’s parents were communists, and his mother complained that her Indonesian husband was too “pro-Western.” Obama’s maternal grandfather was also a communist, and it was he who introduced young Obama to Frank Marshall Davis, a hard-core, radical member of the Communist Party USA, who “swore a loyalty oath to the USSR.”

Obama ConstitutionCrying “communist” may no longer turn people off now that Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist, is making such huge inroads in the campaign for the presidency. However, along with this early political indoctrination, he was also shaped by the influence of two competing faiths. The first was Islam, and at his school in Indonesia he was registered as a Muslim. The second important influence on him was radical Christianity as proclaimed by the Rev. Jeremiah Wright – he of the “G… damn America” -who after 911 claimed “America’s chickens have come home to roost.” Obama dismissed his twenty years of hearing black liberation theology by claiming that “I wasn’t listening.”

Next is Bill Ayers, “radical, Leftist, small ‘c’ communist,” and co-founder of the Weather Underground, a communist revolutionary group that specialized in blowing up buildings. Candidate Obama felt the need to disavow the relationship, and the media gave him a complete pass. But Bill Ayers’ avowed goals – “We need a revolutionary communist party in order to… seize power and build the new society” – were not then or even now an affront to Obama’s sensibilities.

Saul Alinsky’s influence on Obama is profound: His book “Rules for Radicals” is a community organizer’s bible.   “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” he taught. And in William Shirer’s book, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” you will note that it was Hitler himself who first made that observation.  Alinsky advised radicals to get people to “feel so frustrated, so defeated, so lost, so futureless in the prevailing system, they are willing to let go of the past.” In other words, they become ripe for a revolution, and not the American kind. Radicals want absolute domination not freedom for all.

Finally, there is Prof. Roberto Unger, Obama’s law school professor and mentor who advocates “world-wide revolution…” It is Prof. Unger’s ‘voice’ we hear when Obama talks about “transformative politics,” and a need for redistribution of wealth, for Unger believes “wealth must be taxed and regulated…”

Obama’s radical background is plainly visible in everything he touches, from foreign policy to education, from health care to religion. However, the mystique Obama inspires is wholly a media creation. Collectively the media played the role of the sculptor Pygmalion of Greek mythology who fell in love with his own creation which then came to life. Without their complicity he would not be president; certainly not for a second term. He deconstructs our Constitution; makes laws by the stroke of a pen; denigrates America at every turn, and makes enemies of former friends, and friends of former enemies.

But Obama is for the Left, still a protected species, and he will prevail as long as the so-called ‘ruling classes,’ i.e., the establishments on both sides of government dominate. For them, big government is not the albatross that we conservatives rail against; it is their food supply, their lifeblood, and while  Obama is not up for re-election, his policies are.

Aldous Huxley writes that “…chronic remorse…is a most undesirable sentiment.” Were we to elect either a Republican or Democrat establishment candidate, or even the now surging non-establishment Socialist Bernie Sanders, there would be many generations that would suffer the pain of Chronic Remorse Syndrome.

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