4 in 5 Voters Believe Trump Will Undo Obama Legacy

What is the legacy left behind by Barack Obama?

America’s first national socialist healthcare system. Yes, many lower income people who could not afford healthcare before can under Obamacare, but only because the American taxpayers are paying for their federal premium subsidies. As for the rest of us, the Affordable Care Act was anything but affordable. It resulted in a significant increase in the cost of premiums. Deductibles and premiums went up while coverage and quality of care went down. Millions of Americans either lost their jobs or had their hours and benefits drastically cut. Many doctors left medicine because of the flood of rules and regulations. It also imposed about 20 hidden tax increases on the American people, including the lower and middle classes. Obamacare also forced many Christians to go against their faith or face jail and or huge fines. Obamacare also forced the closing of many smaller doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics as they could not afford the bureaucracy and fees.

Obama completely undermined family values and redefined marriage. With Obama’s help and support, the traditional family structure was destroyed and opened up to a number of sinful lifestyles. He even illegally instructed the Department of Justice to stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act a year before it was over turned by the Supreme Court. In the process, Obama gave homosexuals and other members of the LGBT community special rights over most Americans.

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Obama violated federal immigration laws by refusing to deport millions of illegal aliens, even many thousands that have been convicted of crimes. Obama pushed to not only allow illegals to stay in the US, but he opened the way for them to take jobs away from American citizens, obtain driver’s licenses and cast illegal votes. Obama’s illegals are costing American taxpayers nearly $100 billion a year. Many areas within miles of the US southern border with Mexico have become too dangerous for many Americans to venture or live. Many ranchers are forced to carry guns at all times and some have sent family to live with relatives in cities to the north. Numerous small hospitals and urgent care centers have been forced to close because they cannot afford to provide free healthcare to illegals, leaving many American citizens without access to the emergency services they sometimes need.

Obama depleted our military in strength and defenses. He reduced our nuclear defenses to only a third of what they once were. Our military is at the smallest and weakest it has been in decades, since long before World War II.

Obama has made America a laughing stock among many nations. He’s made us weak and compromising to our enemies and alienated some of our closest allies.

Obama fueled the racial hatred and division in America. He worked to create as much division in our nation as possible with the goal of destroying our nation from within. And the list of Obama’s negative legacies goes on and on with few if any positive ones.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to undo many of Obama’s negative actions and legacies. Will he keep those promises?

In a recent poll, 83% of voters said they believe Trump will wipe out most of the changes made by Obama during his eight years in office. Only 12% said it is unlikely to happen, but I wonder how many responded more in hope than in reality.

It should be no surprise to see that more Republicans than Democrats responded that Trump will wipe out many of Obama’s accomplishments. The breakdown was 58% of Republicans said it was Very Likely, 47% Democrats and only 35% of those not affiliated with any political party.

Ethnically, 56% of black Americans believed it was Very likely that Trump would wipe out Obama’s actions, compared to 49% white Americans and 31% of other minorities.

The poll also revealed that 50% of voters believe that America is more divided now than it was before Obama took office 8 years ago. Only 22% said they believe the nation is less divided now than 8 years ago.

The same poll revealed that most voters believed that Hillary Clinton would have performed pretty much the same as Barack Obama, but Donald Trump will bring about a lot of change.

Hopefully, Trump will live up to his campaign promises and wipe out many of the negative impacts that Obama has inflicted on the nation and the people. Let’s pray this poll is right.

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