39-year-old Texas Man Accused of Murdering 4-year-old Boy Released

A 39-year old accused of murdering a child will go free because they local authorities can’t afford to keep him locked up.

In Uvalde, TX the average income earned per person in a year is $15,899.  The average cost to house an inmate at the Uvalde County Jail is $7,300.00 a year. That certainly makes the citizens there none too happy, I’m sure. However, I wonder how they feel about letting an accused murderer out of jail because his medical condition is too expensive to keep him contained.

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Let’s start with the murder of a child:

In 2011 Sabrina Vielma took her deceased son 4-year-old Davaughn Rodriguez  to the emergency room. She told officers she found him dead on the kitchen floor. Robert MacDonald, the Uvalde Police chief, said “bringing a deceased child to the emergency room, not calling 911 to the house, seems suspicious”.

The Uvalde County medical examiner determined that the little boy died of blunt-force trauma to the head. Subsequently, Sabrina and her live in boyfriend, Cel’ves Cook, were charged in Davaughn’s death.

Now here we are nearly 5 years after the murder, more years than Davaughn lived, and Cel’ves Cook is being released because he has an expensive medical condition.

September 23, 2016 Cook was released from Uvalda County Jail on a personal recognizance bond, AKA FREE, with some conditions.

  • Cook will be required to identify his medical provider and provide a schedule of doctor visits
  • He must CALL the 38th Judicial District Clerk’s office once a week
  • Call the Adult Supervision Office of the 38th Judicial District once a week
  • Attend court as scheduled
  • Bring his cell phone for inspection by a member of the adult supervision office
  • Allow a supervision officer to search his home upon request

Now, I am wondering WHY they did NOT make him wear an ankle monitor and at least put him on house arrest. He has fled before on Drug Charges. Why call in instead of having to actually show his face? He could call from practically anywhere on the planet.

According to Uvalde County Sheriff  Charles Mendeke there are no previous outstanding cost for Cook. He has been diagnosed with a condition (nobody will say what-Thanks HIPAA) that will require long-term medical care.

Now, if he is convicted, he will receive the death penalty, which makes this all more disturbing. Also, IF he is convicted, will he be sent home until the date of his lethal injection?

There are way more questions than answers in this decision, that’s for sure.

One question I would like answered: If Davaughn was the grandson of the Sheriff or judge, would the same decision be made?

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