The 3 Types of Republicans… One is a Democrat in Disguise

All Republicans are NOT equal.  Their differences are as plain as night and day.  One need to look no farther than the policies they support and the candidates they backed during the Republican Presidential Primary.

Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score], businessman Donald Trump, and Governor John Kasich, the last three candidates standing at the end of the primary, are the model image of the three types of Republicans.

The three types of Republicans are:

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The “Ted Cruz” Republicans – these Republicans consists of some of the more staunch Conservatives.  They are unwavering in their faith in country, family, and God.  They consider themselves Constitutionalists.  In that they believe, America is the greatest nation that has ever existed in the world because it was founded on the greatest political document every written in the world – the U.S. Constitution.  They believe we are to be governed by Law and not the whims of men.

The “Trump” Republicans – these Republicans consists of those who are basically sick and tired of being sick and tired.  They are sick of the lies.  They are tired of the false promises.  They are sick of the debased moral culture they find themselves living in and forced to raise their kids in.  They are tired of the blatant criminality seen throughout the ranks of political leaders and their friends on Wall Street and K-Street lobbyists.  They are sick of those who say one thing in public only to turn around and say something different among their wealthy donors.  They believe their country has been hijacked by would be global tyrants.  They believe it will take an A-type personality to kick open doors and clean house.  They’re not interested in the homebred politicians.  They want something different.  They want their country back.

The “Kasich” Republicans – these Republicans are the ones we call RINOs.  That is, they are Republicans In Name Only.  They are NOT true believers of conservative principles, culturally, economically, or politically.  At best, some may have a casual acquaintance with conservatism, based on convenience.  But, overwhelmingly, these are not your die-hard conservatives.

Generally, they do not believe, as the 2016 Republican Platform states, “..the Constitution was written not as a flexible document, but as our enduring covenant.”  Like Hillary, Obama, and the majority of Democrats, RINOs also believe the Constitution is a “breathing document” to be interpreted and re-interpreted to fit their ever changing agenda.  We know this to be true based on how they folded like a lawn chair on Obama’s side stepping of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and on the SCOTUS’ decision to create law instead of interpret law in order to redefine marriage.  We see this every time they allow Obama, with his phone and pen in hand, to circumvent the Separation of Powers so clearly outlined in the Constitution, in order to bypass Congress to create laws through his use of Executive Orders.  These fence-riders on conservative principles are seen with one unfair trade deal after another that they allow to pass and stand:  NAFTA (1993), China Trade Bill (2000), the Climate Change accord struck in the Paris Agreement (2015), and the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) (2015) – all of these trade deals impose on American jobs, flood the American market with cheap goods, while other nations either restrict or close their markets to American goods, and cripple America’s ability to compete because of currency manipulations.

The “Kasich” Republicans are motivated by power and control.  They come before the American people with pseudo anger over topics they know we are concerned about such as the budget, healthcare, and the Iran Deal.  Then, with very little provocation by the Democrats they fold like a cheap suit.  A few national parks are closed and these RINOs cave in.  Obama tells them they can only see the details of the Iran Deal in a closed room, that’s monitored, they can’t take any notes, and they have a time limit before they must be escorted out.  They roll their eyes, throw their hands up in despair and acquiesces.  How else does one explain how Republicans can have a majority in Congress and the abysmal Iran Deal and Obamacare is passed into law?  How is it possible? Where is the resistance?

With all this said, it is no wonder that career politicians like House Speaker [score]Paul Ryan[/score], former House Speaker turned lobbyist John Boehner, Senator [score]Lindsey Graham[/score], Senator [score]Jeff Flake[/score], and former President George H.W. Bush has come out strong against Trump.  Truth be told, they never liked him as a Presidential candidate anyway.  Donor?  Yes. President?  Absolutely not!  These same people didn’t want Cruz, either for roughly the same reason they don’t want Trump.

Trump represents a threat to their power and control.  Trump will disrupt “business as usual.”  Trump’s A-type, braggadocios personality will not allow him to appease, or to go along to get along.  Unlike most politicians, Trump is not bought and paid for by big money donors. He will do his own thing.  Hence, the reason he is a threat.  A threat that is not to be tolerated in the least bit.

These RINOs were never going to support Trump.  They were just biding their time, for the opportunity to come out en masse to reject him.  “Trump” and “Cruz” Republicans must not be swayed in the least by the “Kasich” Republicans beating of the chest.  In truth, they are Democrats in disguise.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for them.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for them to maintain the status quo, to maintain their power and control.

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