21 Obama Scandals Ignored by “Journalists,” Congress

Jeff Dunetz, publisher of The Lid (Lidblog.com) compiled a list of 21 Obama-created scandals the media and Congress have ignored. He suggests many of these subjects, and many more, have been covered by online news writers and for readers to research the provided links for each scandal.

  1. Going to war in Libya without first seeking congressional approval.
  2. Canceling the border fence and other border security programs.
  3. Harms hardworking retirees and GM investors for political payback and preferential treatment to the UAW.
  4. Offers Joe Sestak a White House job to drop out of U.S. Senate race against Arlen Specter.
  5. Uses the IRS to target and stifle Conservative/Tea Party groups.
  6. Offers Andrew Romanoff a White House job to drop out of U.S. Senate Race against Michael Bennett.
  7. Dropped an already won case against the New Black Panthers.
  8. Refused to prosecute African Americans for Civil Rights violations.
  9. Ignored a court order to ease up on restrictions against deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, but instead issued tougher restrictions.
  10. Circumvented the U.S. Senate by creating a “shadow cabinet” of Czars.
  11. Continues to lie about the safety and number of refugees being admitted into America.
  12. Orders the Justice Department to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA): officially ignores constitutional responsibility to defend laws passed by Congress.
  13. Fired (and slandered) AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin because he was investigating Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a friend of the Obamas.
  14. Ongoing practice of crony capitalism and wasting of taxpayer money on Green Energy loans to Solyndra and other failing companies.
  15. Gave a “no bid” contract to develop a small pox vaccine– that doesn’t work— to a company owned by a major Obama donor.
  16. Fast and Furious: Gave guns to Mexican drug cartels attempting to confiscate guns from law abiding American citizens.
  17. Continues to propagate the lie to Americans and the world that a YouTube video caused the Benghazi attack.
  18. Illegally received foreign donations for his 2012 campaign.
  19. Slashed the pensions of Delphi’s non-union employees, but didn’t touch the UAW employees‘ pensions.
  20. Purchased bullets to drive up costs/ empty supply.
  21. Prosecuted Thomas Drake, the NSA whistle-blower who leaked unclassified information about government waste, fraud and abuse.

Jeff Dunetz is the Editor/Publisher of The Lid (Lidblog.com), writes for MRCTV.org, reports for IranTruth.org, and is a political columnist for The Jewish Star.


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