Kamala Harris

2020 Hopefuls Claim Anti-Gun Kids Are “Like Civil Rights” Leaders

There is a strategy among the liberal left in which they segregate populations in order to win them over to their progressive mindset.

You see, most Americans have a goal in mind for how they wish to live their lives.  Whether they set a retirement dollar figure or an age at which to step out of the workforce, we, as Americans, choose to set reachable milestones and then reap the benefits of our hard work.

According to progressives, this is unnatural.

Instead, the ultraliberal left would prefer that we never stop changing, no matter what.  Of course, it is awfully difficult to tell the world that they’ll never be good enough, so the left meters their enthusiasm by segregation and discrimination.  They constantly create new niche demographics that they, and they alone, can win over.  The transgender movement that was forced into the open by the Obama administration is a perfect example of this cart-before-the-horse thinking.

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Now the left sees an opportunity to snatch up a large portion of our nation’s children by riding the coattails of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.  Of course, this was a natural fit, thanks to the impressionable young minds of the “March For Our Lives” organization falling right in line with the left’s insistence on repealing the Second Amendment.

When the group was finally dropped off by their parents this past weekend to “march”, they were applauded by the liberal echo chamber of the D.C. swamp, including at least a few of the likely contenders for the 2020 presidential race.


Some Democrats and journalists are trying to build up Harris as the “badass” Democrat who can potentially lead the nationwide anti-Trump Resistance movement.

To win her party’s nomination if she runs for president, Harris will need the support of black Democrats who make up the party’s backbone in crucial primary states like South Carolina. Earlier this month, Harris marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, to commemorate “Bloody Sunday.”

The California Democrat who has said that Congress should follow Emma Gonzalez’s example attended a March for Our Lives rally in California on Saturday.

Of course, Harris wasn’t the only middle-aged establishment woman lurking around the youth march attempting to stage a timely photo op.



And while the democratic party attempts to sift through the ashes of their own demise, the progressives’ P.R. department is still holding out hope, and doing its dirty job.

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