2018: A Likely Conservative Landslide, an Interview with the Conservative Review’s Rob Eno

I had a chance to discuss 2018 with Rob Eno of the Conservative Review. Rob Eno tells me that the Democrats could be in big trouble for 2018.

Come 2018 Democrats will be defending a lot of states that Donald Trump won in 2016.

Eno told me about the seats that Democrats will be defending and what it could mean for 2018. The GOP has a few paths to a “super-majority,” which could mean that Obama’s presidential legacy will actually be all about how the Republicans grew their largest majority in our nation’s history.

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Off year elections typically go strong for Republicans, but this year spells serious trouble for the Democrat party. According to Eno there are a couple of states that we should all be keeping an eye on.

There’s a lot that can happen between now and 2018 but according to Rob Eno, it’s not looking well for Democrats in 2018.


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