2017: “Drain the Swamp” & Restore Integrity to Climate Science


The Globalist, Progressive and Environmental Movements here in the USA and around the world, have pushed their unscientific propaganda and ideologies via the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the European Union (EU), our educational systems and the compliant media with the false notion that: Man’s activities and use of fossil fuels have changed and subverted our climate balance. These groups do not follow Proper Scientific Methods and are therefore political and unscientific organizations.

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With the recent landslide rejection of political-correctness intimidation and these movements in the USA, BR-EXIT and other EU-Exits to come, we can expect an unbiased Administration in 2017 to see the beginning-of-the-end to ideological stifling of honest science and a return to proper Scientific Method along with common sense.

Man may affect air quality and pollution in localized areas which can be efficiently controlled, but Trace Quantities of increased Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions cannot efficiently be and should not be controlled since CO2 is totally incapable of adversely affecting the climate-balance of our vast atmosphere, oceans and landmass of our Earth – Despite, what the Global Warming Alarmists (GWA) tell us.   Under leftist-pressures, it has not been ‘Politically Correct’ to state the scientific truth: “CO2 is a Non-Problem!” as certified by tens-of thousands highly-qualified and degreed physics & climate researchers, professors, astronauts and even Nobel Science Award Winners.

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Indeed, higher-levels of CO2 in our atmosphere are a great benefit to our environment, which has been largely ignored by the GWA, since Plants and Crops have become much improved and bountiful due to increased-levels of CO2 – As seen by Satellite photos of the earth which have shown dramatic improvements in Greening globally and Yields which have been much higher since the ‘Industrial Age’ began in the nineteenth century.

In 2017, we have the opportunity to release this GWA-chokehold on Climate Science by those in high political and science positions such as at NASA and the EPA that started the GWA-myth and have worked to stifle scientific integrity in order to preserve their false and unscientific GWA-ideology of Anthropocentric / Man-Made Climate Change.

Two of the Most Widely Repeated Claims in the Global Warming Debate

  1. Claim that 97% of scientists agree that climate change is caused by man and his use of fossil fuels .
    • All Scientists do Agree that climate has Always changed, but Not by Man’s use of Fossil Fuels!

Tens of Thousands of highly qualified scientists have legally certified that the claim of man-made causes for climate change are grossly exaggerated and false. This quoted 97%-study was extremely flawed, biased and unscientific providing no basis for this phony and weak claim of ‘Consensus’ — Especially, since Consensus is never a substitute for Scientific Method, Empirical Observation and Proof (Note: Man-Made Simulation Models can never be considered proof).

  1. Claim that the “Greatest Threat to Mankind” is the imminent warming catastrophe before the end of this 21st century caused by an increase in CO2 concentration from 400 to 600 ppm.
    • Scientists have established that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has only a small and limited impact on Climate – Rather, our Sun and other extraterrestrial factors which Man cannot control exert the biggest influence.

Note: PPM – Parts-per-Million is a measure of concentration. Expressed as a percentage:
600 ppm = 600 / 1,000,000 = 0.0006 x 100 = .06%. Scientifically,
CO2 is considered a Trace Gas.
Authentic scientific measurements indicate the man-made component of total CO2 is only 5%
which indicates that the man-made
CO2 component is only 5% x 600 ppm = 30 ppm or 0.003%.
This an Extremely Trace amount of gas to attribute as “The Greatest Threat to Mankind”!

These claims are not only false, but their presence in the debate is an insult to science and to human intelligence.  

These Global Warming Alarmist (GWA) claims are only supported using political propaganda by powerful governments and organizations with ulterior motives and man-made computerized models which have shown to be unable to accurately predict future or past temperatures & climate changes, as clearly shown below.



Since Man can manipulate his computer model to show any desired results, computer models based on many intricate assumptions and presumed relations cannot be used as valid scientific proof under proper scientific method principles.

Any rational person, especially highly-trained scientists in the application of scientific method, would admit and revise their assumptions, especially with-respect-to CO2 – But not the GWA political & pseudo-scientists, such as at the UN IPCC, which remain stubbornly committed to their original pre-defined ‘political’ conclusion that Climate Change is ‘Now Driven by Man-Made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions from the use of Fossil Fuels’ despite all the new and valid scientific findings which have shown that the Global Warming / Man-Made Climate Change Hypothesis to be scientifically “Falsified”.

They can only make lame excuses like “The Warming Pause” is responsible for the lack of a warming trend over the last 18 years since the Global Warming Peaked in 1998, “… but just you wait and see that the Unlimited and Catastrophic Warming will resume … soon … in the 21st century … maybe … “.

Don’t hold your breath (4% of it is CO2), we are at the beginning of a transition to a much cooler global minimum that always follows a warming period. That is why the Climate Alarmists have alternately claimed doom and gloom as in the past:

  • These GWA extreme and exaggerated claims of Man-Made Climate Crisis are predicated on Fear, not Science – Claimed 4-times in recent years with opposing and overlapping Calamity Threats, usually within the next 5 – 7 years, then extending it — hoping to be right, but Always False, Unwarranted and Wrong – Never admitting that there seems to be up-and-down Cycles here (e.g., Perhaps Solar Cycles?):
    • 1895-1930s: Predicting a “Coming Ice Age”.
    • 1920-1960s: Predicting “Global Warming”.
    • 1950-1970s: Predicting a “Coming Ice Age”.
    • 1990-Present: Predicting Unending “Global Warming” as an imminent threat & then hedging all GWA-bets on ANY “Climate Change” so they can create spin to blame it on Man & Fossil Fuels.
  • “The human capacity for guilt is such that people can always find ways to blame themselves”, Stephen Hawking: “The Grand Design”, 2010, pg. 16-17. See the Centuries where Human Guilt placed blame:
    • Prior Centuries: Bad Weather – Due to Human Guilt to Sun, Nature or the ‘God’ de-jour
    • 15th – 17th Centuries: Witches – Many Women were Burned and Killed when wrongfully blamed
    • 17th – 19th Centuries: A Vengeful God – Punishment for their Sins requiring Pious Atonement
    • 20th Century: Man’s use of Fossil Fuels and Industrialization – Wrongfully accuse CO2 & GHGs
    • 21st Century: The New Scientific Reality: Natural Sun & Earth’s orbit, axis tilt & magnetic variations.

Of course there is a need for “Clean Air” standards and regulations to keep our atmosphere clear of actual pollutants and particulates that can cause health problems. However, regulations regarding CO2 are unwarranted since it is Not a Pollutant (e.g., it is Not Harmful to us since OSHA approves 5,000 ppm and up to around 10,000 ppm is considered safe vs. today’s 400 ppm levels); Plus Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is also Essential & Good for all Plant and, in turn, Human & Animal Life on our planet.


In conclusion, the allegiance to the politically-motivated ‘Anthropocentric Climate Change’ myth is preventing a massive improvement in our Economy by political constraints placed on our vast energy resources.   We are now being urged to further waste huge amounts of taxpayer money on a “Fool’s Errand” to stop the Man-Made Climate Change, a non-existent threat and impractical task since we cannot control the extraterrestrial Sun’s Energy, the Earth’s Tilt and Orbit.

The “Climate Change” threat only exists in the GWA political minds and their ambitions to control Energy, ‘De-Develop’ our modern industrialized society, and redistribute the wealth of American Citizens via Carbon Credits – Using a weak and tenuous link between Trace Man-Made CO2 emissions and our Climate by avoiding acknowledgement of our Sun as the Primary Driver of Climate Change on Earth & in our Solar System.

Political Correctness (PC) and the PC-police have no place in Science and should not be allowed to manipulate scientists and scientific facts, nor bias Science by ‘Picking Winners & Losers’, and, in turn, manipulate the media and the public to advance their own special interests.

My belief and hope is that in 2017, a new open and honest Administration will be unbiased and restore integrity to Climate Science fostering a return to proper and fitting application of Scientific Methods as well as the elimination of political manipulation and persecution of scientists and their organizations.

Don’t just take my word for this, use this link to view an excellent factual and scientifically-based video by the actual Climate & Solar Scientists that analyzed the Ice-Core Samples, Oceanic and Polar Ice Cycles as well as received NASA awards of Excellence for their work on Satellite Global Temperature monitoring, etc.

CLICK ON THIS LINK: https://youtu.be/52Mx0_8YEtg to view this factual movie that explains the science and politics behind the Man-Made Climate Change Controversy .

Byron Claghorn

Byron Claghorn is an experienced Business Analyst, Project Manager and Technical Writer. With a keen interest in science, the Global Warming and Man-Made Climate Change claims did not ‘Ring True’, so he has focused much time and effort in its research and reporting in this series of articles: “Man-Made Climate Change? – The Science on the Other Side of the Coin”. As a result of trying to ‘Connect the Dots’ in this highly politicized subject of “Climate Change”, this series will both inform as well as provide an example of how you can verify these facts, plus empower you to continue to question and ‘Connect your own Dots’ on this subject.

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