2016 RNC Day 3: Cruz Shocks, Walker Cajoles, Rubio Calls for Unity and Mike Pence Promises Change!

Wow. I’m not sure anyone knew what to expect from Day 3 at the convention, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the fireworks that actually ensued!

We’ll start with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) who had warned that he would not be “endorsing” Donald Trump during his speech, but had also promised not to rock the boat. While Cruz stuck to his first promise, he was unable to keep his second though he can’t really be blamed for the ruckus that he kicked up. His speech was gracious and he made a point to congratulate Mr. Trump but his decision not to endorse him sparked havoc on the convention floor as the crowd alternately booed and cheered the Texas Senator. Trump’s supporters seemed particularly perturbed by Cruz’s call to Americans to “vote their conscience,” which they apparently felt was a signal to not vote for Trump.

“Of course, Obama and Clinton will also tell you that they care about our country’s future. And I want to believe them. But there is a profound difference in our two visions of our country’s future…. We stand here tonight as a nation divided. And citizens are furious — rightly furious — at a political establishment that cynically breaks its promises and ignores the will of the people… Freedom means free speech, not politically correct safe spaces…

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There is a better vision for our future. A return to freedom, we deserve an immigration system that puts America first, and yes, builds a wall to keep us safe…

To those listening. Please, don’t stay home in November. If you love our country… stand and speak and vote your conscience. Vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”



Governor Scott Walker delivered more of the conventional, boilerplate speech we’ve come to expect when he used his time to attack the Democrat candidate for her “insider” politics. He also clearly signaled that Republicans should be lining up to vote Trump come November.

“A vote for anyone any other than Donald Trump in November is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake. We can’t wait four years to get them next time. The consequences are too great.”


Even Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) got into the act, via a pre-recorded call for unity, delivered to the party faithful.

VP Candidate Mike Pence (R-IN):

“I am deeply humbled by your confidence, and on behalf of my family here and gone, I accept your nomination to run and serve as Vice President of the United States of America.

Honestly I never thought I’d be standing here. I thought I’d be spending this evening with all my friends from the great state of Indiana.

The choice could not be more clear. Americans can elect someone who literally personifies the failed establishment in Washington, D.C., or we can choose a leader who will fight everyday to Make America Great Again. It’s change versus status quo, and my fellow Republicans when Donald Trump becomes President of the United States of America the change will be huge!” 


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