2016 Election Results: Are Democrats Too Stupid to Learn?

Why did Hillary Clinton lose the 2016 Presidential election?  No doubt, historians will examine the causes for years to come, and pundits and spin doctors will attempt to circumvent the obvious conclusions.

But I found the answer.  And I found it, in all places, on Hillary Clinton’s own campaign website — hillaryclinton.com

Every people group likes to have their concerns addressed, especially during a political season.

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One group may be concerned about their children’s future.  Another considers the here and now.  Education is always a big issue on most people’s mind, as well as how they will feed, clothe, and take care of their children and elderly parents.

There is nothing wrong with addressing issues which concern, and possibly only concern, minorities like Blacks, Latinos, Asians, or women.

Democrats hoped, as is there common modus operandi, that by bringing these groups together focusing on the issues which are important to them they would build a majority consensus which would catapult them into positions of power.

But they left out one group!  And they did it to their own demise.  It is by far the largest group in the United States!  And this group has grown weary, in fact, fed-up with being told they are racists, sexist, bigots, and oppressors who only succeed in life as a result of a made-up and an unproven “privilege.”

That group is white males! How do I know Hillary and the DNC ignored white males?  Well, I have empirical evidence.  As stated above, just go to Hillary’s 2016 Campaign website.

Notice the following on the bottom right-hand side.  Each heading has a hyperlink and its own landing page.

  • African Americans for Hillary
  • Latinos for Hillary
  • Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Hillary
  • Women for Hillary
  • Millennials for Hillary

Hillary Clinton Website

Evidently, according to Hillary Clinton and the DNC, there is no place for white males at their table.  And what was the result of this slight?

Pew Research noted, “Trump’s margin among whites without a college degree is the largest among any candidate in exit polls since 1980. Two-thirds (67%) of non-college whites backed Trump, compared with just 28% who supported Clinton, resulting in a 39-point advantage for Trump among this group.” — PewResearch.org 

These white males are the ones who get up every morning and work long days in factories, drive semi-trucks, taxi cabs, or beat the pavement in a sales position.

No group in modern American history has been so ignored by a major party as white males.  And the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Surprisingly, Hillary not only lost with white males who don’t have a college degree, but she also underperformed with those who have a college degree.

So what is the moral of the story?  No group should be ignored or left out.  But Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have done just that for the last eight years.  And now, they are suffering the consequences.

But instead of addressing the concerns of this large voting bloc, just how are Democrats and the once respected media responding to this fact?  By trotting out their favorite go-to label calling all white males who didn’t vote for Hillary sexists or racists!

Insert here, Einstein’s definition of insanity!


Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson was the former Director of the Apologetics Group and President of Nicene Council. He was the senior writer/researcher for numerous documentaries including the best-selling Amazing Grace: The History & Theology of Calvinism. In the 1990s he served as Executive Director of the Christian Coalition of Hillsborough County Florida. He currently holds an M.A. in Christian Studies and a M. Phil. in Christian Apologetics. He lives with his wife of nearly 30 years and has four children and four grandchildren.

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