The 2016 Election is NOT a Referendum on Donald Trump

The brilliant and funny Evan Sayet is a jack-of-all-trades. He is a comedian, commentator, thinker, and leader, and he recently expressed his concern about the upcoming election on his Facebook page. Sayet is concerned that too many Republicans see this election as a referendum on Donald Trump, which Sayet argues, is a mistake. Instead, he contends that this election is NOT about Donald Trump; instead it is about a the horrible possibility that Hillary Clinton could be our next President. Because of this stark reality, Sayet says he has no choice but to support Donald Trump… and support him wholeheartedly.

From Evan Sayet’s Facebook Page:

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If this election were a referendum on Donald Trump, I’d vote against him. But it’s not. It’s a choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton and, as such, I have no choice but to support — and support wholeheartedly — Mr. Trump. While I know Trump is going to do some bad things, and I fear he will do more, I have NO doubt that, as a Modern Liberal (as well as a sick and corrupt narcissist) Clinton will not only always be wrong, she will always be as wrong as wrong can be.

I don’t believe that, in his heart and whatever mishmash of ideology Trump may have, he believes that the Jews and Christians are the bad guys and the Islamic terrorists are the innocent victims. I don’t think he believes in his heart, as does Clinton, that it’s the cops who are the evil, racists murdering sweet and innocent black children because they’re murderers. I don’t believe he thinks that working hard and succeeding is proof of some kind of evil. I don’t believe Trump believes that America is an evil nation and that we need to continue to “fundamentally transform” it into some other nation.

These are CLINTON’S deeply-held ideological beliefs and they’re going to lead her to side with our enemies and against our friends, to side with Islamic terrorists and weaken and undermine Judaism (most obviously Israel), on our streets she’s going to weaken the police and embolden the murderers (see Baltimore for example) and, as a matter of policy and ideology, she’s going to empower and embolden the Islamic terrorists who now operate so effectively in places like Istanbul while, at the same time, disarming Americans and taking away our ability to defend ourselves.

What do you think? Is Sayet right? Is this election all about stopping Hillary Clinton from destroying America?

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