2015: Roughly 100 Preposterous & False Claims About “Climate Change”

Some of the most incredibly preposterously false claims about “climate change” occurred in 2015. The phenomenon of “climate change” (previously called global warming) has been proven scientifically to be a hoax. NASA satellite data through October 2015, reveals that for the last 18 years and 9 months there has been no warming. Thus, the name change from “global warming” to “climate change.” Of course, the climate has been changing since the Earth first had a climate. Not only are temperatures stable, but both the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps are growing.

Jeff Dunetz, publisher of The Lid (LidBlog.com) and other news sites, compiled already published reports of the obviously false, and in most cases, utterly ridiculous, claims from 2015. “Climate change” was allegedly responsible for: bigger tuna fish, shorter days, and longer days, the collapse of gingerbread houses, homicide, moonbat madness, frog calls, and much much more.

Below is first a list of 52 additions to “The Lid’s Official List of Stupid Things Blamed on Global Warming,” which includes roughly 50 articles The Lid and MRCTV published throughout 2015.

  1. The Arab spring
  2. Incredible shrinking sheep
  3. Invasion of jellyfish in the Mediterranean
  4. Surge in fatal shark attacks
  5. Boy Scout tornado deaths
  6. Severe acne
  7. Global conflict
  8. Beer tasting different
  9. Suicide of farmers in Australia
  10. Bigger tuna fish
  11. Fish shrinkage
  12. Longer days
  13. Shorter days
  14. Collapse of gingerbread houses in Sweden
  15. Cow infertility
  16. UFO sightings in the UK
  17. Rise in insurance premiums
  18. Heroin addiction
  19. Bear attacks in Japan
  20. Frigid Cold Winters in Great Britain
  21. Cancer
  22. Death from heart disease, diabetes, stroke, respiratory disease and even accidents
  23. Homicide, suicide
  24. Water -borne disease outbreaks
  25. Heavier, wetter snowstorms treacherous for travel and ambulation
  26. Lyme disease, swarms of allergy-inducing, stinging insects, along with
    mosquitoes and devastating pine bark beetle infestations and the spread
    of forest and crop pests
  27. 40,000 dead crabs
  28. Shorter, higher pitched frog mating calls
  29. Unrest in the Middle East
  30. Screwed-up love making
  31. The Japanese earthquake-tsunami
  32. Horrible rash of tornadoes in southeast United States
  33. Extended severe allergy seasons, Lyme disease, malaria or dengue fever, trauma,
    depression, high blood pressure and heart disease
  34. Eye Disorders
  35. Increased threat of wars, violence and military action against the UK
  36. Migration of possibly rabid Vampire bats from Mexico
  37. Extreme weather, disappearing islands and less productive workdays
  38. Giant Snakes
  39. Armed robbery, prostitution, and drug abuse in Ghana, will make you go nuts
  40. The rise of terrorist group Boko Haram
  41. Caused the Seychelles snail to go extinct (its alive and well)
  42. Rock Snot
  43. Increase anxiety, fear and depression
  44. Expensive Olives
  45. No more red-haired people, women will become pear-shaped, incontinent,
    impotent bald guys with extra hair growing from his toes
  46. Global Cooling
  47. The Sinking of The Titanic
  48. Illegal Immigration
  49. Prostitution
  50. ISIS
  51. Walrus “Convention”
  52. Shrinking Goats
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2015: The Year of the Climate Change Hoax:



Scientist Explains Why It’s Not Warming Like The Computers Predict –>It’s A Fluke 1/29
Eugenics-The Latest Solution For Global Warming 2/5
Study Shows Warming Skeptics Know More Climate Science Than Believers 2/13
UN Climate Chief Admits Goal is Worldwide Redistribution of Income 3/3
Federal Judge Blasts EPA: Stop Insulting Me With Your Lies 3/4
Sen.Sessions-EPA Head Can’t Answer Basic Climate Questions (Next Time Invite Me To Testify) 3/5
Is Al Gore Into BDSM? Says Climate Change Deniers Should Be Punished 3/16
1st Amendment Be Dammed: FEMA To Deny Funds Where State’s Gov. Skeptical Of Climate Change 3/24
Energy Department Consultants Say Drill, Baby Drill! 3/27
Rep. Barbara Lee Adds Prostitution to List of Crazy Things Blamed on Climate Change 3/29
Obama Exploits His Daughter As Climate Change Political Pawn (Caused Her Asthma?) 4/8
Climate Idiot: Fracking Only Creates Jobs For Hookers And Hotel Maids 4/20
Scientific Malfeasance–>Newsweek Blames Nepal Earthquake On Climate Change 4/29
Destroy Coal Industry Then Throw Money At Resulting Unemployed 5/13
Frackin A!!! New EPA Study Says Fracking Does NOT Hurt Drinking Water 6/4
EPA Head Gina McCarthy is Simply NOT NORMAL! 6/24
Ice Age Is Approaching, New Study Warns 7/12
Momentum Gaining In Fighting EPA’s Oppressive Job Killing Clean Power Plan 7/20
Ship Abandons Global Warming Research Due to EXCESSIVE ICE 7/23
The Great Lakes Are Making The Climate Change Freaks ANGRY 8/14
Obama’s Lying About Alaska and Climate Change 9/4
Two New Studies Warn Global Warming Will Cause Global Cooling (Not A Joke) 9/8
OMG I’m Going To Jail! Climate Gurus Want Obama To Throw Skeptics In The Pokey 9/19
New York’s Workers Need Protection from the EPA 9/27
Climate Change Gurus ‘Jump The Shark’ 9/29
W. Virginia Senator Rips EPA For Ignoring Human Cost Of Regulation 9/30
EPA Slams Coal States, New Greenhouse Gas Limits 2-4X Higher Than First Proposed 10/6
Ted Cruz Is Correct, The ‘97% of Scientists Agree With Climate Change’ Study is Bogus 10/7
Democratic Party A.G.s Suing To Stop EPA-Obama Carbon Rule 10/12
Sorry Al Gore, But There Are More Predictions of A Coming Ice Age 10/16
Why Is NOAA Hiding It’s Climate Data From Congress? 10/28
Hillary Gets Environmental Endorsement, Then Hops on Carbon-Belching Learjet 11/12
If Sanders is Right About Climate & Terrorism Then Watch Out For Nuns W/Bombs 11/17
Iran Tells UN It Can’t Cut Greenhouse Emissions Because of Sanctions 11/21
Weather Channel Founder Says Prince Charles’ Climate Change/Syria War Claim is NUTS 11/24
Now Global Warming Believers Want To Take Away The Joy Of A Juicy Steak 11/25
Marc Morano Talks ‘Climate Hustle’ On Neil Cavuto 11/30
Gala Paris Red Carpet Premiere For Skeptical ‘Climate Hustle’ Documentary (During UN Summit) 12/1
Two Days After San Bernardino Obama’s On TV Spewing Climate’s Bigger Threat Than Terror 12/4
Flashback: 7 Years Ago, Al Gore Said North Pole Would be Ice-Free in 5 Years 12/13
Obama’s New Warming Lie: There’s A 99.5% Consensus Of Scientists Believing In Climate Change 12/23
Reports of the Death of the Polar Bears Have Been Greatly Exaggerated 12/27

Jeff Dunetz is the publisher of The Lid (Lidblog.com), blogs for MRCTV.org, reports for IranTruth.org, and is a political columnist for The Jewish Star.

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