20 Times the Media Ignored Trump’s Triumphs

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While it may seem as though the mainstream media’s recklessly unrelenting ripping of @realDonaldTrump would be, if nothing else, thorough, there seem to be some unsightly holes in the story so far.

When it comes to reporting on the successes of President Trump, for instance, we begin to to see the leftist media’s integrity crumble.  They simply omit the good news in order to focus more time and resources on the disparagement and delegitimization of The Donald.  Given that Trump continues to win, the left has no choice but to simply turn up the volume on the static, and hope to drown out the leader of the free world simply because they don’t like him.

It’s awfully petty, yes, but it’s also extremely easy to sniff out.  You see, in this day and age of Twitter, Facebook, and Google, there is nowhere for inaction to hide; the entire, unedited record is open source and always available.

Here are twenty times that the mainstream media completely ignored a win in the battle to make America great again.

Donald Trump

#20:  Making Outer Space Great Again

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When it comes to keeping Americans safe, there is only so much that you can do on the ground floor.  That’s why we, as a nation, have grown our multifaceted military in the three-pronged fighting machine.  On the ground we have the U.S. Army and the always-ready Marine Corps.  On the high seas we are protected by the men and women of the Navy and Coast Guard.  And for those pesky airborne threats, who better to call than the Air Force?

Now, however, President Trump is floating the idea of adding another branch to the military, in order to protect us from space.

Well, not from space itself, but, rather, from threats that would utilize the massive atmospheric landscape miles above our nation in order to attack these United States.  This threat has already been on the minds of many Americans, thanks to North Korea’s incessant testing of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, and Russia’s recent announcement of an impending launch of their latest “Satan 2” missile, which may or may not be susceptible to any defense mechanism ever designed.

Trump’s “Space Force” may be our only real hope of staying safe in the decades to come.

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