1st Amendment Freedom of Speech Victory for Conservatives

Have you ever seen what happens when anyone tries to stop a liberal from speaking out or writing their liberal tirades? The majority of the time, they run to the courts yelling ‘sue them, sue, them’ for violating their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech.

But watch the same liberals when a conservative or anyone with a different opinion tries to stand up and speak out or write their views out for others to read. They’ll protest, yell, scream, shout and even physically block or deny the same First Amendment freedom of speech they cling to as their defense for doing the same.

Examples can be found in many places. Gay rights activists demand the right to march in public and force their perversions on everyone around. If you try to silence them, they’ll take you to court in hopes of forcing you to have pay them so much money that they don’t have to work for a living.

However, dare say anything against gay rights, such as preaching that the Bible calls homosexuality an abomination, or if you preach that marriage should be one man with one woman, you’re instantly labeled a hater, a homophobe and in some places, you’ll be charged with using hate language. Some of the major social media sites will block your account if you speak out against gay rights and homosexuality.

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There have been numerous reports on our various websites of schools that try to silence conservatives and Christians. A school will allow many secular clubs and groups to display posters and notices, but let a conservative or Christian do the same thing and they often find themselves in trouble with the school. Students are allowed to wear clothes depicting all kinds of disgusting and offensive things but let them wear a shirt that promotes a Republican presidential candidate or the Second Amendment and they are stopped by the school and often ordered to take the shirt off and turn it inside out.

When liberal politicians stand up to speak, everyone is expected to respect their right to speak to whomever will listen. But let a conservative stand up to speak and see what happens. You can quickly identify the liberals as they are ones that are rude and obnoxious and do whatever they can to prevent the conservative from speaking. Just look at what happened to many of Donald Trump’s speaking engagement while on the campaign trail and even after he took office.

A common occurrence on many college campuses is the allowance of liberal speakers who speak out against America, the government, Christians and conservative. But when a conservative speaker is invited, the liberals go nuts and raise such a stink that the conservative speaker is cancelled.

Such was the case at California State University – Los Angeles. Young Americans for Freedom had sponsored a speaking event featuring Ben Shapiro, an attorney, radio talk show host, syndicated columnist, author and conservative political commentator. According to the Daily Wire:

“Shapiro, while maintaining resilience in showing up to his own speaking event in February, was met by a mob of violent protesters who had blocked entrances to the event, physically attacked attendees and blocked entrances to the speech, and even demanded the university president resign over failing to keep Shapiro off campus.”

The same college campus did successfully host an event featuring convicted killer and former Communist Party leader, Angela Davis. No one protested or tried to stop Davis from speaking at the university, but physical force was used to block Shapiro from speaking at the same campus.

Per the Daily Wire:

“Last week, Shapiro joined the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) to file a lawsuit against CSULA for censoring his event and violating his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights. The university was quick to censor a constitutional conservative while embracing and sponsoring a large sum of money to host a radical anti-American Black Panther all.”

“YAF’s Emily Jashinsky noted, ‘While it’s unclear what CSULA is paying Davis to speak tonight, Keppler Speakers Bureau lists her fee range at a hefty $10,001-$20,000.’ CSULA President William Covino had attempted to shut down Shapiro’s YAF lecture February and have a new event created instead featuring Shapiro ‘as part of a group of speakers with different viewpoints on diversity’.”

“But the same standards were not applied to Davis’s lecture, which exclusively featured her, and thus disavowed all of the university’s previous claims of wanting to protect free speech and eliminate ‘one-sidedness’ from its campus.”

“Not only does Davis promote a highly-controversial ideology, she was accused by the federal government of conspiring a shooting which killed four people at a California courtroom in 1970. She was also a supporter of the Soledad Brothers, who had killed their prison guard at the Soledad Prison where they were being held that year. She then spent a significant part of her life defending other killers and criminals and fleeing the federal U.S. government.”

However, the lawsuit against the university has been dismissed by Shapiro and Young America’s Foundation after the university opted to change their policies regarding free speech. Although details of the changes have not been officially released, Young America’s Foundation says the changes include:

“…not charging extra fees for conservative speakers, not denying speaking events due to the ideology of a speaker, and carrying out administrative policies in regards to campus events in an unbiased way.”

The Daily Signal reported:

“In response to the Cal State University-Los Angeles free speech changes, Young America’s Foundation’s Spencer Brown wrote, ‘this settlement is a victory not just for the Young Americans for Freedom in the matter of this specific lecture, but a First Amendment victory for all students at California State University-Los Angeles’.”

“ADF Senior Counsel Tyson Langhofer, the attorney who argued the case on behalf of Young America’s Foundation, said in a statement that ‘Cal State-LA’s acknowledgment that the university can’t charge fees for speech it labels ‘controversial’ is a recognition that the prior policy violated the students’ freedom of speech. The university’s changes should enable students to organize future events in a safe and civil environment’.”

This was a great victory for conservatives and their First Amendment rights to free speech. Too often, liberals get their ways, but when conservatives have the guts to stand up for what’s right, they sometimes find out that they can prevail over liberals who try to deny them of their constitutional rights. More conservatives and Christians need to take a lesson from what happened at California State University – Los Angeles and start standing up for their rights instead of allowing liberals to strip them of their rights.

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