19 dead, 26 Injured in Japanese Knife Attack Where Guns Are Outlawed

This week, 26-year-old Satoshi Uematsu took a hammer and smashed in a window at a Japanese nursing home for the disabled. He managed to accost one of the staffers, tying him up and taking his keys. Uematsu then went on a stabbing spree that left 19 disabled people dead and another 26 injured. At least 12 of the injured are reported to be in serious condition.

Japan has long been known for honor and respect, so after the stabbing, Uematsu drove to the nearest police station and turned himself. He told police:

“I did it.”

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“It’s better that disabled people disappear.”

Evidently, Uematsu was upset with the facility for recently firing him.

This is the first reported mass killing in Japan since the 1995 sarin gas attack on a Tokyo subway that killed 12 and severely injured 50 others. Gun control advocates sometimes point to Japan as an example of how strict gun control can saves lives.

Okay Japan reported a record 22 gun related deaths in 2006, but realize that it’s virtually illegal to own or even hold a gun, except a shotgun, in all of Japan. In 1971, it became illegal to sell, buy, transfer ownership of all small caliber rifles. Shotguns used for hunting, trap or skeet shooting are legal to own, but only after a very very extensive background check.

That means that no one in Japan can own a gun for the sake of protection of home or person. There is no conceal carry, open carry, or any provision that allows for a handgun to be kept in a home for protection, not even if it’s locked up. After a thorough police investigation and a license for a shotgun has been granted, the shotgun is required to be in a locked location and ammunition kept in a separate locked location. The shotgun owner then must provide police with a map of their apartment or home showing the locations of the locked guns and ammunition. A shotgun owner is limited to how much ammunition they can purchase at one time and then it is a registered purchase.

This is the America that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want.

One of my best friends used to be a skeet shooter and would go through 1,200 to 1,500 rounds a month in practice alone. In Japan, he wouldn’t be able to do that. If Hillary Clinton had her way, he wouldn’t be able to that here in the US either.

Keep in mind that there is nothing in Japan’s constitution that guarantees the right to bear arms. They have a completely different culture than America has. For centuries, the Japanese people have been taught honor, respect and a strict code of values from birth.

Also keep in mind that when a Japanese person decides to commit a mass killing, they still find a way to carry it out, be it sarin gas or using a knife. It’s not the guns that kill people it’s the people that kill people. If America had a Christian based culture like it once had, there would be much fewer gun related deaths. If America had centuries of the same kind of culture that Japan has had, there would be much fewer gun related deaths.

Face it, in a Godless, depraved and debauched society where young people are taught there is no value to human life, higher incidence of gun related deaths is them living out what they’ve been taught. Looking at America’s culture and public school systems, no one should be shocked by mass shootings, stabbings, or any other mass killings as that’s only natural for our debased and perverted society. Cure the society, repent of our national sins, nationally turn our face back to God and you’ll reduce gun violence. Until that happens, expect the worse.

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