16 Killed in Alabama Today

In what can only be viewed as a terrorist attack, 16 children were killed in Alabama today. It was not at a school, day care center or shopping mall. It was in an abortion clinic. That is the number of unborn babies estimated to be killed each day in the state.

There is a group called Proposition 16 that is trying to change that. They want Governor Robert J Bentley to use his power and influence as head of their state to amend the situation. If you are an Alabamian, or even just care about unborn babies, you can check them out here or join them April 1st at the State Capitol in Montgomery for their rally.

There is a National Debt Clock in New York City placed there by Seymour Durst. He had hopes of bringing attention to the ever growing debt hole that we Americans are digging ourselves into. The assumption can be made that he wanted us to stop spending what we didn’t have. It has become more of an attraction than something that people look at with despair. I wonder if that clock kept up with the number of abortions performed in this country if it too would just become a photo opportunity as well.

We have become “used to” babies being killed under the guise of choice. Our hearts have been hardened. We scream about being “soft on crime,” but we harden ourselves to it in all of its forms. Our hearts need to be soft and our resolve hardened in order for true change to occur.

There will always be those who tout murdering babies as a choice. Just as there are those who tout pedophilia as a lifestyle. We don’t accept one, so why do we give credence to the other?  Both are crimes against children. Why is one seen as acceptable and the other an abomination within the same group of people? Is it a matter of age? Frankly, I see both as horrible, gut wrenching acts of depravity.

If you want to get involved in the movement to end abortion, wherever you are check out http://www.nrlc.org/

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