15-Year Old Trump Supporter Beaten by Gang of Four!

While Rockville, Maryland high school students held a protest Wednesday morning against President-elect Donald Trump – holding signs that read “Love Trumps Hate” and “Stronger Together” – a 15-year-old wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was beat up by four others, according to witnesses.

The teen Trump supporter was not seriously injured, but he was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Police have not identified any suspects, but they are investigating.

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In another incident at Ohio State University, an anti-Trump protester with a bullhorn was violently attacked by someone – identified as Shane Michael Stanton – whom everyone assumed to be a Trump supporter. Here’s the video:

Liberal bastion Salon reported on it as an attack by a violent Trump supporter against a peaceful demonstrator Tim Adams. As it turns out, Shane Michael Stanton – the guy who jumped Tim Adams with the bullhorn – wasn’t a Trump supporter, and was even a registered Democrat, according to NBC4, voting in the Democratic primary. In addition, according to those who know Shane – as well as Shane’s father – he has Asberger’s, a developmental disorder.

I’m in no way trying to justify what Shane did. But it is entirely disingenuous to blame this incident on a “Trump supporter,” when the attacker clearly isn’t one.

Even so, liberals are still claiming that whether or not Shane is a Trump supporter is irrelevant. As one Salon commenter “Everready” said:

“You’re missing the point. Every act of violence, regardless of which side, is a result of Trump’s behavior. He can’t behave the way he did and expect people against his bigotry to go silently. His supporters have to own this horrible new world they have given us.”

Tim Adams assumed the attack was politically motivated. But when he found out more of the facts, he decided he wants the charges against Shane dropped.


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