15 Anti-Trump Fake News Stories: To Destroy Trump the Media Now Leads With Fake News Every Day

Every day, now, the old media complex spins up liberals with a daily lie abut what that darned ol’ Donald Trump did next. This campaign is a clear and coordinated effort to delegitimize Trump in order to destroy and eliminate him. Here is a list of just some of the fake news attacks unleashed by the liberal media to achieve that end.

Sure the media will impatiently wait for another election in 2020 to eliminate Trump if they have to. But they’d prefer the end to come sooner and they don’t care if that end happens by impeachment or assassination. So, a steady, near daily stream of fake news is their biggest weapon wielded in hopes that the people of the United States will weaken and become so tired of the constant stream of negativity that they’ll support the end of Trump just to be done with the daily “bickering.”

The “avalanche” approach the media is now employing to kill Trump is the exact same approach Obama used to “govern” when he was president those eight horrendous years. He went flat out and at high speed with everything he wanted. It is why we got the Obamacare law that “we had to pass so could find out what’s in it.” It’s why things were constantly passed in the middle of the night. It is why he stuffed the bench with more agenda-driven, left-wing “judges” than any president in history. It’s why he stacked tens of thousands of extreme liberals in every government agency from the EPA, to the Department of Labor, to the Department of Justice, to all the policing agencies such as the FBI and the CIA. All these activists were placed not because they were interested in the purpose and practice of good government but because they were highly motivated communists, socialists, gay activists, anti-religionists, and extreme left-wingers with an agenda aimed at hurting the United States of America as much as possible until they were cast out of government. It is also why he pushed through more destructive regulations than any president in history.

The “avalanche” method is for liberals to throw everything they have at the American people regardless of history, tradition, propriety, or anyone’s sensibilities. It is to unleash an avalanche of leftism and not to stop despite the outcry against them, to ignore the pressure and go like a speeding locomotive. To steamroll everything in their path. It is pure, 100% agenda-driven, power politics.

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Of course, it ended up losing them nearly every state government and lost them the control of the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and the White House. But they see these massive political losses as temporary. They know that the American public will eventually lose their senses and put them in power again in the future. They understand the long game and they know that every time they get in power they can once again unleash an avalanche of leftism. They understand that with each new avalanche they destroy the U.S.A. a bit more putting it father and farther away, irreparably so, from being the country it was designed to be.

We know, of course, that the old media establishment is not a disinterested party looking to “report the news.” It is part and parcel to the left-wing’s attempt to destroy the United States. And now it is engaged in a great war to kill Donald Trump at least figuratively, but perhaps literally. To that end, we are seeing a nearly daily deluge of fake news.

Donald Trump has only been in office a few weeks but the amount of outright lies by the media has already achieved avalanche proportions. And it isn’t going to stop. In fact, if anything, it will pick up speed.

Meryl Streep Lies That Trump Made Fun of Reporter’s Disability

The liberal media and it’s handmaidens in Hollywood hit top speed in the days before Trump took the oath of office. For instance, “actress” Meryl Streep once again trotted out the lie that Trump made fun of a reporter’s disability.

Streep disgorged the lie during the Golden Globes Award ceremony on January 8. The truth is, though, Trump never made fun of anyone’s disability.

BuzzFeed’s Lies About Trump and Russia

Next, only days before Trump took the oath of office, clickbait website BuzzFeed infamously published a dossier on Trump so filled with fake news that left-wing agitator David Corn of the socialist magazine Mother Jones wouldn’t even touch it. It was a pack of lies that every single major — and thousands of minor — news agencies threw away as fake news months before the election. but BuzzFeed published it anyway with the sole purpose of undermining Trump even as it knew full well the whole dossier was filled with lies everyone else had rejected months earlier.

But it wasn’t until Trump took the oath of office thereby destroying the left’s last, desperate hope that something, anything could be done to stop his inauguration. Here is a list of such stories in no particular order.

Inauguration Crowd Size Attacks

On the very day that Trump took the oath of office, the liberal media establishment attacked him by insisting that his crowd size was only a smidgeon of Barack Obama’s. This was an effort to belittle Trump’s big day and to “prove” the claim many media outlets published a side-by-side “comparison” of photos showing the crowd that attended Obama’s inauguration beside that of Trump’s. The photos showed a National Mall filled with people during Obama’s big day next to a shot of many times smaller crowd for Trump’s day.

However, the whole story was essentially fake news. The photos of Trump’s crowd were not taken during the time he was actually peaking, but many hours beforehand. The photos were taken before tens of thousands of participants were able to wend their way through the tight security and the many protesters who worked to prevent access. Not only did the photos not really prove anything, the media also belched out unprovable claims about Obama’s audience. Furthermore, it appears unassailable that when one adds TV and Internet-based viewers to the equation, Trump indeed had the biggest audience of any inauguration in history.

Trump Removed Bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from Oval Office

The day after Trump took the oath of office the media struck up the lie that he had removed the sculptured bust of Martin Luther King, Jr., that Obama had put in the Oval Office. When he became President, Obama removed the bust of Winston Churchill that George W. Bush put in the Oval Office, a bust loaned to the United States by Britain, and replaced it with that of King.

The media insisted that when he took over Trump exiled the bust of King and brought back the Churchill statuette. But the truth was that Trump merely moved the King bust to another spot in the Oval Office and put the Churchill bust in its place. But the King bust remained in the Oval Office despite the lies of the media.

The following seven examples came from a piece by Alex Pfeiffer. See his piece for a longer description of each media lie.

Trump Eased Sanctions Against Russia

The media began reporting that Trump eased sanctions against Russia. But it later turned out that the effort was planned by the Obama administration and just implemented as Trump came to office.

Trump Blindsided His Government With The Refugee Order

The media claimed that Trump pushed through his travel order without telling anyone in his government before issuing it. That later turned out to be untrue.

Steve Bannon Forced Homeland Security Chief Kelly to Accept Trump’s Travel Order

The media claimed that Trump sent White House advisor Steve Bannon to pressure Homeland Security Chief John Kelly to accept the green card provisions of Trump’s travel order. It later turned out Bannon never made any such visit.

Trump Forced Several Members of the Secret Service to Resign

Yeah. It never happened.

Trump Slammed Press Secretary Sean Spicer

Again. Never happened.

Reuters Says Americans Shelled al Qaeda Positions

The wire service later had to admit it didn’t happen.

Reuters Misreports Timing of Trump’s Executive Orders

Again, Reuters muffs it by claiming that Trump signed his travel order the day before he actually did.

Now for a few more…

Media Continues to Claim Trump’s Travel Order is a ‘Muslim Ban’

Since the moment he signed his temporary moratorium on travel, the media has lied about it by continuing to call his order a “Muslim ban.” But the word “Muslim” is nowhere in the order, his travel halt is not only temporary, and it only covers the seven nations that Obama had already marked as dangerous. Further, it left 90 percent of the Muslim world unaffected.

Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Killed an Elderly Iraqi Woman

The media went gaga over the story of an Iraqi immigrant who jumped before microphones to insist that Trump’s “Muslim ban” killed his sick Iraqi mother by keeping her from entering the U.S. The media ate the tale up but only about 24 hours later the Iraqi man admitted he was lying.

Associated Press Claims Trump Warned He Would Invade Mexico to Quell Mexican Drug Cartel Violence

The Associated Press went with an unsubstantiated story that during a phone call President Trump told Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto that he was going to invade Mexico with the U.S. Army to stamp out the violence perpetrated by the Mexican drug cartels. No one else backed up the AP’s story (including the Mexican government) and, indeed, some noted Trump offered U.S. aide to help Mexico end the violence, not threats.

Trump Supreme Court Nominee Started a ‘Fascist Club’ in High School

Members of the media ran with an untrue story that Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, started a club in high school he named the “Fascists Forever Club.” It turns out that the yearbook page the media found with this claim on it was a joke by the yearbook committee. No such club existed and the jab was only meant to illustrate that Gorsuch was a conservative when he was young, not that he was a fascist, expressed a desire to be a fascist, or convinced either his school or his classmates to join a fascist club.

I know I have missed several more of these fake news stories and there will probably be half a dozen more before this piece is even published. But you see the pattern, here, don’t you?

After eight years of slobbering sycophancy for President Barack Obama, the old media complex now sees it as its job to destroy a president.

It’s going to be a long four (eight?) years. So, steel yourselves, America.

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