This 13-Year-Old Terror Victim Was An American Citizen

Many cultures have taken pride in their warrior tradition. For the Scandinavians, there was the Vikings who braved the open seas in search of farmland and places to conquer. For the Persians, there was the Immortals conquering the Near East and Asia Minor. And the Irish and Celts who faced Roman Legions naked.

Now, we have the Palestinians with their knife wielders attacking little girls while they sleep?

Fox reports

A 13-year-old Jewish girl who was stabbed to death in her bed by a Palestinian attacker on Thursday was an American citizen, the State Department said.

Hallel Yaffa Ariel was asleep in her home in a West Bank settlement when a 17-year-old assailant broke in to the house and killed her before he was shot by security guards.

Instead of facing the Israeli guards, this coward slips into the room of a helpless girl. This girl had done nothing but obey her parents. It would have been cowardly enough had this spineless man attacked the parents in their bed, but this girl?

No matter how you might see the settlement situation in Israel, there are no excusing such actions.

Fox continues

In Washington, the U.S. State Department condemned “in the strongest terms the outrageous terrorist attack.”

“This brutal act of terrorism is simply unconscionable,” spokesperson John Kirby said in the statement. “We extend our deepest condolences to her family. We also understand another individual who was responding to the attack was wounded by the attacker. We extend our hopes for a quick and full recovery.”

Yet, the Administration continue policy that makes it harder and harder for Israel to deal with such attacks appropriately.

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