12-Year Old Attacked for Supporting Donald Trump

Kids learn how to act from the adults whom they observe.

In today’s America our children are watching their teachers, and their teachers are sending the wrong message. As college students (and their professors) spend their off hours rioting all across America (for the very slimmest of reasons), the younger generations are watching how the previous generation handles political conflict. Sadly, they’re learning a lot about…violence.

Recently, in St. Louis, a 12-year old 6th grader was riding the bus to school when his Make America Great Again hat apparently “triggered” his fellow bus riders. In fact, that little red hat made them so angry that they yelled at him, mocked him, and then physically attacked him.

These are learned behaviors, folks. If the national media and the liberal education system weren’t responding in such a disgustingly irrational manner, these children would have no reason to follow suit. Did you see any conservative white children attacking Obama supporters over the last decade? No? There’s a reason for that – conservatives weren’t cursing at, shouting down, or beating up liberal Obama supporters… so their kids didn’t either.

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Our kids are suffering because of the irrational and insane liberal response to completely normal GOP policies and practices. Let’s tone down the rhetoric and recalibrate the crazy.


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