Here are 11 Times Donald Trump Benefitted from the System He Claims is ‘Rigged’ Against Him

Donald Trump whines endlessly about the primary process being “rigged” against him, specifically as it relates to delegate elections. His claims are parroted in the media and by his cultists. This has led to a sensory overload of sorts, as we are inundated day in and day out with allegations of a “rigged” system. It’s become overwhelming.

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But what about the aspects of the system that favor Mr. Trump? He never seems to complain about those. How odd.

Here’s a list of the times Donald Trump has benefitted greatly from the allegedly “rigged” system:

  • When he failed to win majorities in Arizona and Florida, but won all 157 delegates anyway.
  • When he won 60.4 percent of the vote in New York, but won 94.6 percent of the delegates.
  • When he received 524,934 votes in New York, and got 89 delegates, but Ted Cruz received 531,129 votes in Wisconsin, and only got 36 delegates.
  • When Ted Cruz got 57 percent more votes in Texas than Trump got in New York (1.24 million to 524,934), but only won 16.8 percent more delegates (104 to 89).
  • When he won 54 percent of the vote in Maryland, but got all 38 delegates.
  • When he won 58 percent of the vote in Connecticut, but got all 28 delegates.
  • When he won 60.8 percent of the vote in Delaware, but got all 16 delegates.
  • When a combined 441,521 votes in four states (Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) snagged him just ten percent fewer delegates than Ted Cruz got when the senator won 180 percent more votes (1.24 million) in Texas.
  • When he won just 38.8 percent of the vote in Illinois, but received 78.3 percent of the delegates.
  • When he beat Ted Cruz by a razor thin 0.45 percent in Missouri, but got 71 percent of the state’s delegates.
  • When he won just 32.5 percent of the vote in South Carolina, but got all 50 delegates.

Any time Trump cultists confront you about the allegedly “rigged” system, the above is a handy list you can use to remind them that their orange hero has benefitted plenty of times from the system he so frequently and loudly decries.

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