$10K IN DAMAGE: Trump Administration Targeted in Vile Attack

The liberal democrats and their media lapdogs have given carte blanche to the radical left as of late, allowing the “resistance” to spiral out of control and into dangerous, new territory.

The mainstream media has had no qualms in calling this the “New Civil War”; a terrifying new development in the American political landscape.  This has only fueled groups such as Antifa, who are waging their own war against the entire conservative, traditional ethos that a great many Americans adhere to.

Now, thanks to women like Maxine Waters telling her constituents to seek out confrontations with members of the Trump administration, and to make them feel “uncomfortable” here in America, the “resistance” has taken to the high seas to commit an incredibly disturbing act of incivility and vandalism that could wind up costing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos up to of $10,000 to repair.

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Someone untied a yacht owned by the family of U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in Ohio last weekend, police say, causing up to $10,000 in damages…

The vessel — named the SeaQuest — was moored at a basin in Huron, Ohio, when the captain reported it became untied and sent adrift around 6 a.m. Sunday, The Blade reports. The yacht struck the dock and ended up with large scrapes before the crew was able to gain control of it, according to a police report.

The damage is estimated at $5,000 to $10,000, according to The Blade.

Officers are searching for surveillance video of the incident, the newspaper reports. It’s unclear why the boat was docked in Huron, the Blade notes, but DeVos visited Ohio earlier this month to tour a career center and a correctional treatment program

This is merely the latest in a long line of affronts to the administration, and the GOP in general, who have been targeted time and again by vandals, mobs, and would-be assassins over the course of the Trump presidency.


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