10 Ways that President Trump Can Cut Waste

Here at Constitution.com we will always advocate for limited government, less power for the executive, and more freedom for the American people, particularly when it comes to the American people getting to keep more of their own money. However, the one way that we will always encourage the President to act is to cut as much government spending and regulations as he can. Which is why we are so happy that the good folks at OpenTheBooks.com have put together a good list for President Trump to start with.

OpentheBooks has listed the first ten things Trump should do to cut waste.

  1. Disarm federal regulatory agencies
  2. Fire EPA lawyers
  3. Blockade federal funds for sanctuary cities
  4. Cut funding for agency self-promotion
  5. Direct small business funds … to small business
  6. Eliminate the Export-Import Bank
  7. Reduce Federal Funding for the Ivy League
  8. Finish the task of VA reform
  9. Open the books on federal employee pensions
  10. Cut federal funding to municipalities paying lavish salaries to public employees.

From Forbes:

  1. Disarm federal regulatory agencies
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During an eight-year period, 53 non-military, non-law enforcement agencies spent $335 million on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment. Agencies like Environmental Protection Agency, Health and Human Services, Internal Revenue Service, Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, Food and Drug Administration, Smithsonian Institution, etc. sharply increased procurement of weaponry.

The scope of federal power is growing. Today, there are 200,000 federal officers with arrest and firearm authority across 67 federal agencies vs. only 182,000 U.S. Marines. These 67 federal agencies spent a total of $1.48 billion on guns, ammunition and military-style equipment (FY2006-FY2014).

  1. Fire EPA lawyers

If the EPA were a private sector law firm, it would rank as the 11th largest. The EPA loves lawyers and employs more lawyers than scientists.

Since 2008, the EPA spent $1.2 billion in salary for over 1,000 lawyers. More money was spent on “General Attorneys” than on chemists, general health scientists, ecologists, chemists, microbiologists, geologists, hydrologists, toxicologists, biologists, physical scientists, and health physicists combined.

When the EPA is sued, the Department of Justice defends the EPA in court. The EPA doesn’t need 1,020 lawyers to harass the private sector.

  1. Blockade federal funds for sanctuary cities

Want to clean up sanctuary cities? Issue an executive order telling all federal contractors they have three years to move operations from any city that won’t follow federal law, or lose their contract. Watch how fast the sanctuary cities decide to follow federal statutes.

For example, in Austin, TX, the amount of federal contracting was $900 million. In Chicago, total federal contracting amounted to $2.47 billion (FY2016). In San Francisco, the top twenty federal contractors were paid $18.6 billion last year.

Federal funding is Trump’s biggest stick. He should use it within his constitutional powers.


Read the rest of the list at Forbes.


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